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Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm is the perfect all-in-one solution for your beard needs. Our premium CBD Beard Balm may help minimize redness, itchiness and irritation and our signature blend of premium oils provides deep nourishment and precise sculpting control. You and those around you will appreciate the natural yet masculine scent of bourbon sandalwood oil. After showering or cleansing your beard, massage CBD Beard Balm into your facial hair and sculpt to your liking.

Product Info:
• One 1-ounce tin of CBD Beard Balm
• 25 mg of premium CBD
Tested by Independent Labs

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Supplement Facts
Application: Topical for beard and facial hair
Ingredients: Premium CBD, argan oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, and beeswax

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a prevalent compound derived from Hemp or Marijuana plants. Unlike its sister compound, THC, CBD is non-psychoactive, so it will not cause a “high.” CBD has a reputation for health and wellness benefits, and when included in our CBD Beard Balm, this product can help minimize redness, irritation and itch of the skin. The benefits of CBD extend far beyond its potential to help improve the health and appearance of skin and hair. Many people take CBD like a daily supplement, claiming it helps provide feelings of calm, relaxation, and positive well-being.

What is CBD Beard Balm?

CBD Beard Balm is an all-in-one premium CBD product designed specifically for beard health and appearance. It allows you to sculpt your beard and control hairs while leaving a silky texture and the subtle, masculine scent of natural bourbon sandalwood. Premium CBD nourishes hair for a genuinely healthy and hydrated appearance, and it may also help minimize itch, discomfort and irritation. Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm is formulated with luxurious essential oils for natural nourishment.

What are the benefits of CBD Beard Balm?

CBD Beard Balm can provide a wealth of benefits for both the health and appearance of your beard. Benefits may include:

  • Minimized redness
  • Reduced irritation
  • Decreased “itchy” feeling
  • Softer, more nourished hair
  • Control of loose hairs
  • Ease of shaping and sculpting
  • Many compliments on the masculine bourbon sandalwood scent of your beard
  • Managed beard that will not lose shape during manly activities
  • Making new friends because of the healthy and handsome appearance of your beard

How do I use CBD Beard Balm?

After showering or cleansing your beard, apply a small amount of Hemp Bombs CBD Beard Balm to your palms or fingertips. Run your hands through your beard and shape hair to your liking. For potential relief from irritation or redness, massage CBD Beard Balm closer to the skin. CBD Beard Balm is for topical use only.

Why Hemp Bombs?

We’re leaders in the CBD industry. Our focus is on quality. That’s why we source our CBD from superior-grade Hemp and formulate each product with premium ingredients. We verify the authenticity of our products with a third-party lab and manufacture all products in-house for complete quality control. Aside from our strict commitment to quality, we also focus on environmentally-friendly methods, excellent customer service and fast, efficient shipping. Click here to learn more about our CBD Beard Balm and Beard Oil products.

22 reviews for CBD Beard Balm

  1. Brant Singletary

    I love this balm has a mild appealing smell but worked brilliantly to tame my coarse beard. I wish Hemp Bombs offered a bigger container.

  2. WAYNE K


  3. Herman P.

    Five Stars for your shipping department. Very speedy.

  4. Jeff T.

    This balm made my beard have more sheen. It was looking dull. Very happy with it.

  5. Devlin A.

    Bought the beard balm, and really like it. Controls my stray hairs nicely. I had been using another brand’s beard oil, but never could get used to the smell of it. It was strong. Yours has a light and masculine smell that I like and my woman likes too.

  6. Jim V.

    My beard was out of control. I tried the beard balm and it immediately tamed it. Now, I need a bigger supply of it.

  7. Stanley D.

    I’ve never been a user of any facial hair products. My beard isn’t long. On a whim, I bought the beard balm and turns out it makes my beard look much darker and heathier. I never knew what I was missing. Good product.

  8. Shanna H

    Not a big fan of this product, but I love Hemp Bombs CBD.

  9. Ron H

    It’s okay. Not really what I thought it would be, but I will finish what I have. I love Hempbombs.

  10. Lacy P

    I got this for my BF and he used it a few times, it smells amazing but it didn’t make it as smooth as I would have liked. He will still continue to use it.

  11. Louie T.

    I’ve tried both your beard balm and beard oil. And honestly I can’t tell you which one I like better. They both work in a similar way. Both are great.

  12. Leonard C

    I’ve only been using this for two days and my beard never looked or felt better. No greasy, real top notch stuff. Do yourself a favor and order this.

  13. John J

    My skin is sensitive but I wanted to try something new. Worth the buy.

  14. Jim B

    perfect for me

  15. Ira B

    To make a long story short this balm really has been helping me tame my beard, soften the hairs and curing the dandruff in my beard. I use it with beard oil and it works wonders. 4/5 only because I want a bigger container.

  16. Oscar M


  17. Cade F

    I’m very impressed with this. I bought it out of curiosity and now I’ll continue to purchase. This really tames the texture of my beard without it being too oily or waxy. Huge thanks to Renese, she gave me a coupon that helped me save. 5 stars.

  18. Allison M.

    My husbands beard was out of control!!!! Now he’s looking more refined and cleaned up thanks to me…and well you guys too haha!

  19. Jack L.

    I like to maintain my professionalism while also letting my beard continue to grow. This stuff allows me to sculpt and and shape it for whichever situation I’m in. Will definitely be purchasing again.

  20. Chauncey P

    at first i was a little weary about the concept and now i wish i would’ve purchased sooner. great product for sure

  21. Caitlin F.

    i ordered my cbd gummies as usual and saw this new beard balm. ordered some for my boyfriend and he loves it! i can see why, his beard has never looked better in my opinion.

  22. Benjamin H.

    The smell is amazing. It makes my beard healthy looking. I’m on day 2 of wearing it and already getting more compliments, so that’s a good sign it’s working. lol

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