4000mg CBD 120ml E-Liquid

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CBD E-Liquid Flavors

Our E-Liquids boast a 70/30 VG/PG split for high cloud production and flavor to match the therapeutic benefits of the products.
Product Info 
● 120 ml of CBD E-Liquid
● 4000 mg of CBD per bottle
● 70/30 VG/PG Split
Tested by Independent Labs
● Non-THC, Non-Nicotine

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Hemp Bombs 4000mg CBD E-Liquid “CBD Vape” is fully legal for consumption and distribution, and will not flag on drug tests. Sweet Mango Seduction, Arctic Spearmint Blast, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Wild Blueberry Jam, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Roasted Colombian Coffee, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Watermelon Kush, Strawberry Milk, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Crushed Pineapple Paradise, Electric Blue Raspberry, Juicy Southern Peach and Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock are manufactured from pure CBD Isolate at over 99% purity. Hemp Bombs 4000mg CBD E-Liquids offer a range of flavors so “vapers” can benefit from the health-boosting benefits of CBD.

Hemp Bombs 4000mg CBD E-Liquids are manufactured with high-quality ingredients and attention to detail and are tested both internally and by third parties for quality and consistency. Reap all the benefits of Hemp Bombs’ 4000mg CBD E-Liquids today. Add to any vape device. Hemp Bombs CBD is sourced from premium grade CBD Isolate, with no trace of THC. Finally, vapers can get in on the therapeutic effects of CBD while enjoying their favorite pastime.

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid is fully legal for consumption and distribution within all 50 states and will not flag on drug tests.

Supplement Facts
Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from Industrial Hemp 4000 mg
Vegetable Glycerine
Propylene Glycol

What Is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a supplement derived from Cannabis plants. Hemp Bombs CBD is sourced from superior-grade Industrial Hemp grown using sustainable methods, and our CBD undergoes an isolation process to ensure that it doesn’t contain any THC. Industrial Hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, and smoking Hemp in its rawest form wouldn’t produce a “high.”

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, but CBD stands out for the unique way it interacts with the human body. Its potential effects on physical health and mental wellbeing are unparalleled, and it’s becoming a natural health solution for people around the world.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

How does CBD work? The compound can be effective because it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), an essential system in your body responsible for regulating sleep function, mood, appetite, your immune system, memory and more.

When CBD enters your system, ECS cell receptors respond to the supplement – which is why it has the potential to affect your physical and mental health in profound ways. Additionally, CBD has been shown to increase the amount of anandamide in your brain. Anandamide is a fatty neurotransmitter sometimes called the “bliss molecule” because of the way it affects your happiness and mood.

Which E-Liquid Flavor Should I Try?

With so many flavors to pick from, it can be difficult to know which Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid you should try. While Exotic Watermelon Kush is our most popular flavor, each flavor is widely loved for different reasons.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD isolate contains zero THC, and it is federally legal in the U.S. All of Hemp Bombs products are made with CBD isolate, which means you won’t fail a drug test.

Will CBD Get Me High?

Because CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and doesn’t contain high levels of THC, it won’t produce a “high.” Instead, you may feel relaxed or more peaceful due to the calming effects.

Do You Offer E-Liquid Samples?

Hemp Bombs does not offer currently E-Liquid samples. We recommend choosing a smaller bottle of our Vape Oil if you’re concerned about flavor and unsure whether you’ll like it – and we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows returns.                                                                          

Do Hemp Bombs 4000mg CBD E-Liquids Contain Nicotine?

Hemp Bombs Vape Oil doesn’t contain nicotine or harmful additives. It hasn’t been shown to produce harmful side effects or bronchiolitis obliterans, a lung condition commonly known as “popcorn lung.”

What’s VG/PG?

Our Vape Oils have a 70/30 VG/PG split, and it’s formulated for maximum cloud production. VG and PG – or Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol – are essential components of E-Liquid. VG is what creates vapor clouds, while PG is responsible for the “throat hit” you feel while vaping. Both our VG and PG are food-grade.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Over the years, Hemp Bombs has become a top CBD brand because of our dedication to quality and customer service. Our products are manufactured with care by our in-house production team, and our customer care team is always on your side.

43 reviews for 4000mg CBD 120ml E-Liquid

  1. Beverly Stringfellow

    I have tried a lot of different vape juices, This one is the best hands down. Very smooth , love the smoke. NO burnt taste, flavor is good. I have Lupus and it helps with all my pain and depression and body cramping ( like charlie horses ) No more headaches , body stiffness. The list goes on, thanks for making a good product. I order the 1,000 m can’t afford the 4,000 m. Would love to try it, I don’t have brain fog anymore and with my Merenier’s The static noise is gone. I can do more again, I vape in Am and PM, sleep is getting better too.

  2. Mario

    Really takes away my lower back pain. I’m missing a lower disc, I take two hits and the pain is gone.

  3. Danny

    Best ever!

  4. Michael M

    Great flavor and good chill factor. Love the cloud effect. Cupcake Vanilla is the best flavor ever. However, it’s way over priced and a bit deceptive. 4000mg in 120 ml is the same strength as the 2000mg at 60ml. I assumed the 4000 mg was stronger as I had already enjoyed the the 2000 mg . As soon as I was alerted to that fact I asked support to stop shipment and refund my money in which he did immediately because he knew I was right about-the deception. It’s 70/30 cut. I buy Liquid Gold which is 1000mg uncut , 12 ml for $105 , my sound strange but it is stronger and more value in the long run. I won’t disclose the online store as it is also half price on their Liquid Gold, normally $210. When this price comes down on the 4000mg I will definitely order it as I like the different chill, flavor, and lesser strengths for alternative situations.

  5. Joyce H.

    Been using it for a couple of weeks now. It’s helping with my leg pain and the arthritis in my joints. I also think it clears my head for better mental clarity.

  6. Trevor A.

    Was very tasty and took down my anxiety like nothing else. I chose the 4000mg Blueberry Jam. The flavor rocks.

  7. Dexter N.

    It’s nice to use a product which actually does what it says it will do.
    It’s fantastic for relieving anxiety and stress without resorting to weed.
    I will be an ongoing customer.
    Do you offer an autoship program?

  8. Jessica B

    OMG!!!!! First let me say I am new to vaping CBD oil. I started a couple months ago after my doctor at a pain clinic suggested it. I’ve been living with a 24/7 non-stop migraine for over 16 years straight caused by a benign brain tumor. And yes I mean I have a migraine that first started August of 2002 and has never left even after 2 brain surgeries. It’s there every day when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I also suffer from severe anxiety and PTSD. I have tried to other company CBD vape oil, and while the last seemed to work, it had a burning taste and this thick coating towards the he end of every vape pen. After some more research I discovered the clearer the oil the better and hemp bombs was in the top 5 of every top CBD vape oil list I checked. So I gave this a try ordering the crisp honeydew melon flavor. First off I was only expecting a bottle with enough oil to fill 4 cartridges for the price. Holy crap was I surprised to see just how much was actually in the bottle!!! This will last me a couple months at least! Second I could see right away how clear the oil was and immediatly I noticed a huge difference in the vape, no burning or thick coating of oil on my throat. Thirdly, the flavor is outstanding!!! I love honeydew melon anything, so this is a huge winner for me, it taste like the honey dew popsicles I used to be able to buy!!! I hadn’t Vaped at all today as I was waiting for this to come so I immediately filled my cartridge and started vaping. Within minutes my anxiety calmed and I’m mellow and relaxed!!! I think I have finally found my winner. Thank you Hemp Bombs for making a quality product and truly at an affordable price. I can see why you are on everyone’s top lists of CBD products.

  9. Joyce K

    Can’t wait to try.

  10. John B

    I’m the VP of Sales for the company I work for. Believe it or not I have major social anxiety. I’ve been in sales for 12 years and have always suffered with anxiety, mild depression and stress of working for 100% commission. I have also dealt with some minor anger management that comes mostly when I’m stressed and feeling anxious.

    I learned about CBD about two months ago and started trying a bunch of different stuff. I really wanted to vape it (never vaped before) so I went to my local vape shop and bought a Pico Pro Mod and ordered some e juice from hemp bombs along with a bottle of gummies. Let me tell you. Since I started using this stuff I have not gotten pissed once. My social anxiety is totally gone. Depression is non existent. Now I didn’t suffer from major clinical depression so i don’t know if everyone will have the same experience as I. For me I found that CBD oil under the tongue didn’t work well. I found that taking a 15mg gummy and then vaping a little through out the day kept me on the level. I will be ordering more. I’m going to go for the 4,000 mg bottle next. I realize it’s pricy but I think it’s worth it considering im going to use it anyways. Hopefully as they grow the prices will come down overtime.

  11. Crystal N

    Hands down this is the best and Watermelon is super amazing!

  12. Harrison J

    i have a fear of planes but after vaping before my flight it calmed me right down and i did not even care i was on a flight. BEATS DRINKING any day!

  13. sarahwalczyk

    I tried the strawberry, mango and spearmint in the 75mg bottle and instantly was hooked. I have since purchased in the 4000mg bottle: strawberry, spearmint, blueberry and the additive (plain). This is the BEST vapable cbd hands down no questions asked. I will soon be ordering some of the other flavors just to try, but I will be a loyal patron from this moment on when it comes to ingestible cbd. THANK YOU, HEMP BOMBS, you guys ROCK and I can’t wait for all the future pain relief I will have. I have 2 herniated discs that protrude into a sac of nerves, TERRIBLE arthritis in my upper and lower back, very messed up hands from my profession, and incredible hip pain (both hips) from accidents/falls. On the lower dosage e-liquid, I puff on it all day and I had next to no pain. Now with the stronger dose, I am not puffing as much, and I feel tons better.
    I forgot to mention about all of my intolerances….no dairy, gluten, soy, raw fruit, canola oil, aspartame and sorbitol (I think that’s everything)….oh yeah, and latex. So the Strawberry Milk CBD…..THAT’S THE ONLY WAY I CAN ENJOY BOTH STRAWBERRIES AND MILK!!!! The blueberry CBD….can’t have raw blueberries….may as well vape ’em!!! And the spearmint…..well, if you can believe it, there’s gluten on most all gum (the last thing that happens to a stick of gum before it gets packaged is it gets a dusting of flour so it won’t stick to the wrapper….I think that’s so thoughtful of them….)….now I can vape the spearmint…..TO HELL WITH THE GUM (my cavity-riddled teeth are thankful anyway!).
    You will be VERY satisfied with this product!!

  14. Paige M

    Planning to order again. Excellent quality and very refreshing

  15. Tang H

    tastes great & helps me sleep. That’s all needed.

  16. Doug M

    I suffer from PTSD and it’s been rough these last 5 years as a civilian. I’m so thankful for finding this company on Facebook. My sister tagged me in a post and I’ve been hooked every since. They offer coupons practically every day and there’s a weekly contest on Facebook too. If you suffer from insomnia, chronic pain or anxiety this liquid is perfect for you. It’s worth every single penny. I recommend Exotic Watermelon Kush, it’s delicious and smells so good. Too bad you guys don’t offer a cologne I’d buy it! ????

  17. Emma H

    Prompt delivery, amazing products. Simple as that. I will order again.

  18. Rafael

    Man this vape juice is strong, but it is also really smooth and the flavor is on point. Exotic watermelon kush tastes so good. Great!

  19. daleski2359

    Stuff works great just got this about a week ago and really is a life booster! Helps me relax and makes pain go away! 5 star for days!

  20. Sasha

    This 4000mg is hands down the best cbd i have ever come accross. And ive come accross them in all shapes potencies and sizes. The buzz comes instantly, the flavour is pungent, the lasting effect is second to none. I use this for ADHD and anxiety aswell as for mild depression. When im vaping this, nothing that happens around me bothers me to the point of anxiety and my social anxieties have been completely crushed. My confidence around girls has shot up through the roof i cannot believe it is a 4000mg bottle and the 120ml just helps so much also. I order once and i’m sorted for at least 45 days at a time.

  21. Teresa R

    Seriously nothing can compare to this e-liquid. I’m completely in love with exotic watermelon kush, its the only one I order now. I gave it 4/5 stars because 4000 mg is a bit pricey but it works. I also get promo codes from the weekly emails.

  22. Keith W.

    Hands down this is the best vape juice online. Hemp bombs has never let me down.

  23. Alan E

    I have fibromayalga and suffer tremendously but because of this ejuice I feel like I can live again. It’s tasty and actually works. Give it a shot.

  24. Nadia F


  25. Trinity O.

    I looove this liquid. Whenever i need a fast relief for my anxiety all i need is this. Wild blueberry jam is my jam! It tastes so delicious and smells good. Loving this company because it you get some kick ass products, information for beginners and they even have their lab testing publicly. Will be buying this one again!

  26. Katrina E

    Shipping was super fast for me. Watermelon kush is so tasty. Its expensive but you get what you pay for. I’m all for quality and this product is full of it.

  27. Matt C

    this product works very well for my diabetic pain in my feet. it takes my pain away. beyond happy with this product. thanks a million!!!

  28. Nichelle I

    I feel the need to show you guys my appreciation because I feel so much better because of your eliquid. I suffer from a lot of joint pain because of a car accident when I was a teenager. As a woman in her mid 40s your company is the only CBD company I came across that has relieved my pain. Shipping was fast and you guys kept me up to date of all shipping steps. I received my package in 4 days without paying extra for expediting. I’m already paying $300 and didn’t want to spend. When I first ordered I made a mistake and ordered the wrong flavor, Kathy the customer service specialist saved the day and shipped me out wild blueberry jam liked I wanted. In love with this eliquid, the clouds are out of this world and there’s instant relief. If you’re a bit hesitant like I was call up their customer service specialist Kathy, she’s kind and answered all my repetitive questions.

  29. Charles

    You mean I can get two 60ml 2000 mg bottles cheaper for $10 cheaper? How does this price make sense? I want to try some but this has me confused. $169 for 60ml and $299 for 120 ml

    • HB Admin

      Charles, our 60ml 2000mg Vape is $169.99 per bottle. Our 120ml 4000mg Vape is $299.99 per bottle.
      If you were to purchase two of the 60ml 2000mg bottles the cost would be $339.98 as opposed to $299.99 for the 120ml 4000mg bottle.

  30. Lucetta B

    Excellent product and seriously first class service. I bought this because it FINALLY went on sale! I’ve been purchasing from Hemp Bombs for the last couple months and I’m just so impressed. I have yet to disappointed. The ordering process was a breeze (Kathy is my CBD fairy godmother) and the quality is fantastic! I see some people complaining about the price but save your coins, you’ll get there! I’ll be ordering again.

  31. Howard W

    Smooth, tasty and worth every penny. I really wish I found you guys sooner

  32. Liam

    I heard there was a new flavor coming out. I’m excited!

  33. Blaine S.

    Love your vape flavors.
    Best out there.
    Read one of your reviews for this about ordering to take on a trip.
    I have one coming up and did the same.
    This will last me the whole trip.

  34. Robbie T.

    Regular user of the sugar cookie. Just placed an order for the mango 4000mg and used a discount code to get a good deal on it. thanks.

  35. Andre S

    I just ordered the Strawberry Milk and that bottle is fatttttt!

  36. Nick R.

    I am what you would call a heavy vaper. Always have been. Every day, many times a day. I really enjoy your Watermelon Kush flavor. Just placed an order for the 4000mg container.

  37. Ted S

    I love the effects of the CBD but don’t like the earthy taste of the high concentrations. Hemp Bombs is less earthy than most other brands I’ve found though.

  38. shelia

    I did the math and figured out this was the best value haha. Roasted coffee for dayzzzz…

  39. Isaac

    4000mg. What!?!? That would last me months haha.

  40. Stephen J.

    This will be great for my vacation coming up. Should last the whole trip.

  41. Anthony

    Second comment whoop! I’ve tried your other concentrations but 4000!!! I gotta get me some.

  42. Francine A.

    I bought the roasted columbian coffee for my boyfriend. He loves the flavor.

  43. William S.

    Relaxes me totally. I get great big smoke clouds with it as well. Very good vape.

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