4000mg CBD 120ml E-Liquid Additive

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Hemp Bombs is changing the way CBD-E Liquids are viewed by the vape community. Our E-Liquids are manufactured with high-quality ingredients and designed with your wellness in mind. This process results in a product that is exceptional in both the CBD and vape industries.

Product Info
● 120 ml of CBD E-Liquid
● 4000 mg of CBD per bottle
● 70/30 VG/PG Split
Tested by Independent Labs
● Non-THC, Non-Nicotine

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CBD E-Liquid Additive
Hemp Bombs has the consumer in mind with our line of E-Liquid Additives. While Hemp Bombs has a variety of flavors to satisfy different user preferences, our flavorless additive complements any E-Liquid. If there isn’t a Hemp Bombs E-Liquid flavor that suits your preferences, you can purchase this additive and use it with your favorite vape oil.

Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Additives can be used in almost all vape devices and offer a seamless way for vapers to enjoy the benefits of CBD. With concentrations from 75mg to 4000mg, our additives can easily fit your individual needs. Whether you’re a first-time CBD user or a CBD expert, we have an additive product for you.

Simply Add to Your Favorite E-Liquid
Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additive offers vapers the health advantages of CBD without changing their normal vaping routine. Simply add the flavorless additive to any E-Liquid and enjoy.

Supplement Facts
Cannabidiol (CBD) extracted from Industrial Hemp 4000mg
Vegetable Glycerine
Propylene Glycol

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound that is derived from Cannabis. To be legally compliant, Hemp Bombs CBD is sourced from the stalks of low-THC, Industrial Hemp. CBD has been found to have many therapeutic effects because of the way it interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, an essential system responsible for sleep, pain, mood, appetite and memory.

Is CBD Legal?

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid is legal to consume and to distribute across all 50 states. In compliance with the Federal Farm Bill, Hemp Bombs’ CBD E-Liquids are manufactured from the “legal” parts of Industrial Hemp, including the plant’s stalks. Hemp Bombs’ CBD E-Liquid products have no THC and are tested by independent, third-party laboratories.

What Are VG and PG?

Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol are two essential vape oil ingredients that are included in all of our vaping products, including CBD E-Liquid Additive. Hemp Bombs formulates our VG/PG split for maximum cloud production, and our VG and PG are both food-grade.

How Much CBD Should I Take?              

Although the strength of our products varies, we recommend 15 milligrams as the starting point for dosing unless otherwise directed. Factors like age, gender and weight will all determine how your body processes CBD. It is best to speak with your physician about dosing concerns, especially if you are on other medications. CBD isn’t known to have any potential overdose effects and is not habit-forming.

Will CBD Get Me High?

CBD-E Liquid Additive will not get you “high,” at least not in the way that THC does. CBD affects humans differently than THC, the active compound in Marijuana – it is not psychoactive and isn’t known to cause mind-altering effects. Instead, you may feel relaxed or more peaceful after taking CBD. Many of our customers tell us they see benefits like better sleep, reduced inflammation and pain relief – and you won’t be impaired.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Hemp Bombs is a customer favorite within the CBD industry. While many companies try to take advantage of customer ignorance, Hemp Bombs educates our audience to help you make informed buying decisions. We use premium ingredients and have total control of our manufacturing process thanks to an on-site production facility. Many CBD companies operate as “private label” or “contract manufacturers” and do not have the resources to produce and test their products in-house. Our products aren’t our only focus – we also emphasize customer satisfaction, which is why we have a team of highly trained customer service advocates ready to help you.


38 reviews for 4000mg CBD 120ml E-Liquid Additive

  1. Justen Anderson

    OMG Dylan from customer support was amazing, we ordered the 4000mg cbd vape additive but unfortunately it leaked in shipping. Dylan helped us get a replacement asap! There was a bit left in our tube so my wife used it last night for the first time. Its been the first time in months she hasn’t had to take her pain killers. Thank you all at hempbombs! You have a customer for life!

  2. amiqueo

    Best cbd product I have ever tried started with the 1000mg dose but have moved up to the highest potency would just suggest to search for 20% discount code since they always come out with promo’s which is awesome!

  3. Sadir H.

    Enjoyed it. It allowed me to mix with my favorite vapes and not alter the flavor. Excellent product.

  4. Mike N.

    I was able to use a coupon I got from a nice lady in customer service and bought it at 20% off. I bought two of them. Sweet!

  5. Fernando B.

    Quick delivery and the vape is awesome! Thanks Hemp Bombs.

  6. Emily H.

    Relaxed me and made me feel better but I did not notice any improvements as far as my pain.

  7. Lisa D.

    I got 2 bottles of the 4000mg vape with a 25% off code I saw on Insta. Woo Hoo!

  8. Marty D

    It IS pricey, but very very good. Transparent and doesn’t ruin the flavor. Helps with my anxiety like nothing else.

  9. Luis P

    I am cancer survivor and still have other surgeries planned but still in a lot of pain and this really helps with that. All my thanks.

  10. Larry H.

    It’s fair. Nothing special to me.

  11. George A

    Really skeptical at first paying such a high price for an additive that I add to my vape but it was well worth it. This stuff gets me out of bed in the morning couldn’t be more satisfied.

  12. jess h

    spoke with the customer service people before I ordered. I wanted the most potent vape hemp bombs makes. they turned me on to the 4000mg vape and it is indeed powerful. enjoying the hell out of the watermelon.

  13. Chuck D

    This is very good additive. Help me a lot with my pains of arthritis. High cost but worth it to me..

  14. Jerad

    Love this stuff great additive allows me to create my own flavored cbd e-liquid from any e-liquid flavor I desire. As other users have said well worth the price and the bottle last a long time plus allows you to experiment with potency.

  15. sarahwalczyk

    Absolute K-A product. I’ve been trying to get my husband to TOTALLY quit the cigs/cigars, and I believe we have finally found the magical combination. And the added bonus of feeling better!! I have a LOT of CBD experience, and this product is at the top of the list. THANK YOU, HEMP BOMBS, I LOVE YOU!!!!

  16. Brit J.

    Great potency! This is my new fav additive. Go Hemp Bombs.

  17. Desmond P

    Awesome product and worth the price. So happy I finally found the right mg for me.

  18. Alicia A

    This mellows me out and helps me relax. My fave vape additive online

  19. Sam D.

    Clean product and almost invisible flavor.

  20. Cameron F.

    I bought this 3 months ago and still have half a bottle left. Lasts a long time and it’s some seriously potent CBD.

  21. Hansel I

    Perfect 5 stars score. It helps so much with my depression and knee pain. This is the only vape additive I use now. This place always put out promo codes on a weekly basis I got this one for 20% off and even though the price is high, it’s worth it. I’m 100% satisfied.

  22. Cesar R

    Tasty, smooth and well the money. Thanks.

  23. Melinda R

    I love the big bottle. The CBD strong but makes me feel sooooo relaxed. Excellent customer service and fast shipping too!

  24. Bruce A.

    Even if this additive didn’t have CBD in it I’d still order from you guys because it’s smooth and the customer service rocks.

  25. Suzann J.

    I’m honestly blown away by not just this and quality of this additive but by the customer service of this company as well.
    Kathy is such a sweet doll and so full of knowledge.
    Keep up the awesome work you have yourself a lifetime customer!!

  26. Ida S.

    Love this.

  27. Thomas Z

    you guys are taking all my money hahahaha but it’s cool because I add this to whichever flavor I want.

  28. Lacey K

    When you get up to the high mg the CBD starts to get a little earthy but it’s worth it for my sleep troubles.

  29. anthony b

    I saw this product on Sarkazz Vapes YouTube channel and I’m trying it out. She’s recommended you guys before so I thought I would give it a try.

  30. Anthony H

    My wife bought me this for my birthday last week and I’m really enjoying this. So easy to mix with my other e-liquids and sit back and enjoy.

  31. Jase T

    I’m extremely happy with my purchase, works well with my Crafty Vaporizer. Highly recommend it.

  32. Roy Z

    This is by far the best additive around and worth every penny.

  33. Stephanie N

    The taste is absolutely amazing and it’s SO strong. I went broke paying for this but so worth it. I was lucky enough to score a promo code from their newsletter which knocked off 15 bucks!

  34. Anita W

    Expensive ?
    But it’s worth it! ?
    Perfect score: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  35. Rachel B

    Best additive out there at a fair price! Plus it mixes very well with other liquids. I noticed a lot of other brands claim to do the same but it doesn’t mix well and ultimately I wasted my money and time.

  36. Cedric F.

    Whoah! I am loving this bad boy! Its so cool to be able to add it to whatever flavor I’m into at the moment. I think its gonna last me awhile.

  37. James R

    Got your email today and ordered the big 4000mg bottle of e-liquid additive at a nice 15% off price from your email promo. Thanks!

  38. Ross T

    Wow! I’ve never seen a vape additive that strong before. I’ll have add it to my strawberry custard liquid I’m on right now.

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