300mg CBD 60ml E-Liquid

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CBD Vape Products and e-liquids are no longer permitted to buy or sell online in the state of Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island and Washington.


CBD E-Liquid Flavors

Our E-Liquids boast a 70/30 VG/PG split for high cloud production and flavor to match the therapeutic benefits of the products.
Product Info 
● 60ml bottle of CBD E-Liquid
● 300mg of CBD per bottle
● 70/30 VG/PG Split
Tested by Independent Labs
● Non-Nicotine

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Hemp Bombs E-Liquids offer a range of flavors for our 300mg CBD E-Liquid so that “vapers” can benefit from the lifestyle benefits of CBD. Choose from 15 flavors: Sweet Mango Seduction, Arctic Spearmint Blast, Crisp Honeydew Melon, Wild Blueberry Jam, Whipped Marshmallow Dream, Vanilla Cupcake Swirl, Roasted Colombian Coffee, Sugar Cookie Kryptonite, Watermelon Kush, Strawberry Milk, Glazed Chocolate Donut, Crushed Pineapple Paradise, Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock, Electric Blue Raspberry and Juicy Southern Peach.

Supplement Facts

CBD Per Bottle: 300mg
Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Extracts, Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol

What Is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from Cannabis plants.

Cannabis contains hundreds of compounds, but CBD stands out for the unique way it interacts with the human body. Its potential effects on physical health and mental well-being are unparalleled, and it’s becoming a beneficial health solution for people around the world.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

The benefits of CBD stem from its interaction with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), an essential system in your body responsible for regulating sleep function, mood, appetite, your immune system, memory and more.

When CBD enters your system, ECS cell receptors respond to the compound – which is why it has the potential to affect your physical and mental health in profound ways. More research is needed to determine the role CBD plays in the process controlled by the ECS.

Which E-Liquid Flavor Should I Try?

With so many flavors to pick from, it can be difficult to know which Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid you should try. While Exotic Watermelon Kush is one of our most popular flavors, each flavor is widely loved for different reasons. Mix and match different flavors to create your personal flavor.

Is CBD Legal?

CBD is federally legal in the U.S., so long as it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. All Hemp Bombs products meet these regulation standards and are lab tested to confirm their contents. Some states are changing their laws regarding vaping products, so check your state legislations regarding these products.

Will CBD Get Me High?

Because CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties and doesn’t contain high levels of THC, it won’t produce a “high.” Instead, you may feel relaxed or more peaceful due to the calming effects.

Do You Offer E-Liquid Samples?

Hemp Bombs does not offer currently E-Liquid samples. We recommend choosing the 75mg CBD E-liquid if you’re skeptical about trying it for the first time. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee allows you to order with confidence.                                                                   

Do Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Products Contain Nicotine?

Hemp Bombs Vape Oil does not contain nicotine or harmful additives.

What’s VG/PG?

Our Vape Oils have a 70/30 VG/PG split, and it’s formulated for maximum cloud production. VG and PG – or Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol – are essential components of E-Liquid. VG creates vapor clouds, while PG is responsible for the “throat hit” while vaping. Both our VG and PG are food-grade ingredients.

Why Hemp Bombs?

Over the years, Hemp Bombs has become a top CBD brand because of our dedication to quality and customer service. Our products are manufactured with care by our in-house production team, and our customer care team is always on your side.

Hemp Bombs 300mg CBD E-Liquid is manufactured with high-quality ingredients and attention to detail. We source our CBD from superior-grade Industrial Hemp grown using sustainable methods. Our crops undergo human-grade ethanol extraction to ensure that our extract is federally compliant and contains less than 0.3 percent THC.

Our CBD products are manufactured with premium grade Broad Spectrum CBD extract, containing less than 0.3 percent THC. All products are tested both internally and by third parties for quality and consistency. Reap all the benefits of Hemp Bombs’ CBD-enhanced e-liquid today.

78 reviews for 300mg CBD 60ml E-Liquid

  1. dalv382003

    got my first bottle 300mg of peach 60ml….order it on monday got it on wed ..all i can say is wow ..i been buying at the retail at a higher price for a 1ml tank 125mg for 19.99 …also try cbd pain freeze wow great buy got 1zo at the retailer …so it look like i will be buying it on help with my knees and ankles … i have cut back on the advil …i wish they had hemp bomb tell a friend referral tho or do they? or have samples for return customer …well all i can say is u had me at hello hemp bomb my pain is gone in my knees and ankles …. and i can relax now with the peach vape…i will be trying other product from hemp bomb …all the way from kansas

  2. kimcross814

    First time buyer and excited to try. I am an older \senior person with anxiety and bad headaches. hoping for some relief without taking more pills.

    • kathy.p

      Hi Kim, I am so excited for you! There are so many different products that can help you. The gummies, oils or maybe the chill shots. If you sign up for our newsletter, you will get an immediate coupon and receive coupons and promotions regularly.

  3. jsnow

    Just received my first order today, 300 mango seduction. Everything was perfect. The flavor is outstanding and the 300mg hits the spot for me. Definitely earned a new customer will be ordering again. Oh and thanks for the swag.

  4. Veronica F

    Not sure what’s going on but I have a tracking number since the 4th and my order shows no movement. Im in Florida as the company so shipping should only be 1 or 2 days. I like their products but shipping is extremely slow now.

    • KathyProffitt

      Hi Veronica, I am so sorry for the speed in getting your order to you! I agree, we are in the same state, you should have had it by now! I show that it is scheduled to be delivered this friday. If you do not get it please let us know and we will make it right for you. Please give us a call at 800-589-9098 to discuss further.

  5. KathyProffitt

    Hi Nathan,
    I have investigated for you. It looks like it never got shipped. It shows that one of the customer service reps asked for it to go expedited which is 1-3 business days. I am trying to catch it before it goes out.
    I want to overnight it if I can catch it. I am sending you an email in response to your phone call on tuesday. I am so sorry that you were not updated!

  6. R. Presley

    Made a conscience decision to stop smoking and start using CBD products. Did alot of research and Hemp Bomb’s products were highly reviewed over and over. It has been months since i smoked cigarettes. I don’t even think about smoking anymore.
    I had a surgical procedure recently and was told not to vape for 4 weeks before the procedure.
    I did. The day of the procedure i was ask about medicines that i take including over the counter meds. I used to take acetaminophen often , then i realized that i had not taken any in the months leading up to my procedure but had taken some in the few weeks i had stopped my Hemp Bomb’s oil and vape products.
    It helped me sleep. It helps with pain. I feel better over all. I love Hemp Bombs.
    Customer Service will answer any questions that you might have. Do your research. Write down your questions and call hemp bombs.

  7. Andy B

    Definitely the best CBD e liquid I have tried. Hempbombs cost more than other brands I have tried, but I prefer the quality. The other 2 brands I tried just didnt have the same benefits that Hempbombs does. If i have a headache, it goes away in minutes after a few hits of this and I’ve been sleeping much better. I have insomnia as a side effect from depression so when i say i am able to have more stable sleep cycles its a big deal. I’m not saying this cures insomnia, but when I do finally get to sleep, i rest more consistently. Minor aches and pains go away without taking advil or anything. I highly recommend this to anybody curious about CBD oil, especially E liquid.

  8. Jeff

    The 300mg exotic watermelon kush is not only an amazing flavour that matches the description but also provides almost instant relief to anxiety. It is also very good for going (or getting back) to sleep. Very effective stuff .

  9. Bayron

    This works wonders. I saw some dude in the reviews say that this product made them fail a drug urine test and that has to be bull. I’ve been using this none stop and did a hair drug test which test for 90 days and I passed just fine.

  10. tony

    you will not get high but you will be mellow… on my ptsd and hip pain…..grand product

  11. jescuz_23

    Love so far

  12. jur.iki

    Absolutely delicious! I got the Bangin’ Fruity Bedrock and I LOVE IT. It tastes like smooth strawberries with the slightest minty finish in the back of the throat. Sooooo good. I have a brain condition called cluster headaches in layman’s terms and although it doesn’t do what my sumatriptan does, it defiehelps stop an attack from happening and I’ve only had it for two days. I’m Shook. I also had super vivid dreams about zombies Las night. Lmao. I’m a weirdo so that doesn’t surprise me but mannnn I slept so well last night! I’m a lifetime bomber for sure! Thanks guys! I’ve been sharing all over my social media platforms about this. I’m in love! I wanna try your syrups and tinctures and gummies, OH my!

  13. Harriet K.

    I’ve recently started vaping and I tried your cbd e liquid. I absolutely love it. It tastes so good. I just want to give your company some positive feedback because I really enjoy your product. It has taken the edge off of my headaches. Thank you so much hemp bombs.

  14. FadedOffThatLoud

    Just my received my sugar cookies kryptonite 300 and I hAve to say taste amazing I absolutely love it. May try 1000 next. And many other flavors for now that I switch to only using cbd vape oil over nicotine. Very satisfied customer I will be buying more soon real soon ????

  15. Louis D.

    Big smoke, love the flavor.

  16. Percilla

    Thank You Hemp Bombs ?? just received my order today on the 22/01/2019, i placed the order on the
    08/01/2019 which is very fast delivery to Australia ?? ?? this is my third order so far, happy with the product, i’ll be back ??

  17. Dawn S

    Helps me with my mental depression and anxiety issues daily.

  18. Sue P.

    Juts placed my order. I cannot comment on the products as they are not here yet.

  19. K.C.

    You guys are the best! The customer service staff always answers my questions honestly – even if it’s not to their benefit. That’s rare nowadays. They’re great to do business with and I will continue buying from Hemp Bombs.

  20. Percilla

    Hello Hemp Bombs, i received my E-Liquid about a week ago and i have been vaping ever since, I’m new to the vaping world and i’am really enjoy it, also Hemp Bombs CBD E-liquid exotic watermelon kush is delicious and relaxing, I’m vaping right now ? i will be definitely ordering more soon, i will also order the CBD additives, i hope to see Hemp Bombs thrive, because i will be a life time customer, thank you so much this product helps me a lot with my anxiety and insomnia, also i did some research on CBD it also helps people to lose weight, it helps to burn calories, helps you fight food cravings, helps you with heart disease and many other benefits that come from using CBD Oil or E-Liquid, I’m so happy i found you Hemp Bombs.
    ☺️ ? ?

  21. Percilla

    I received my E-Liquid exotic watermelon kush today, I’m vaping right now, it is amazing, thank you Hemp Bombs i hope to see your company thrive, i will be ordering more soon, maybe some gummy bears as well, thanks again ?

  22. Jose

    This product will cause you to fail a drug test I have been clean from marijuana for 60 days and am still coming up dirty for thc I was wondering how that could be and I found this and many more articles claiming that cbd will change into thc in your stomach due to the strong acids and will be excreted through urine for whoever is thinking this was a scapegoat for thc should stop right away I feel robbed and angry that this is not explained in the product information

  23. Miranda9113

    I have vaped several brands of cbd, and Hemp Bombs tops them all! Bought the wild blueberry jam flavor and have immediately felt a noticable calmness and overall relaxation throughout my body. I just got the juice this week and I’m already stoked and ready to try more flavors very soon. Hemp Bombs just found a lifelong customer!

  24. Jose G

    Currently can’t smoke weed due to legal issues but this product has helped me stay sober and I can’t thank you guys enough for an awesome product it really helps with my anxiety and insomnia it also has a very good taste compared to many other cbd products out there and also I don’t have the fear of failing a drug test since it is made of CBD Isolate and not full spectrum which contain 0.4 or more active THC thanks again.

  25. tytyj91

    300MG in 60ML – Wild Blueberry Jam Vape Juice
    Vaping with crown 3 tank, Kanthal Coil, Tesla Punk 220w Mod.
    I got my order in today, I was using HempBombs CBD oil 300mg before (oral method), and I have to tell you… omg.
    So I just got off work, changed my coil, added my new juice, and then took a shower and took the dogs out while I was waiting for my new coil to soak. I went through a full tank (5ml tank = approx 25mg of CBD) within minutes because the taste is so delicious and the vapor is smooth. No nicotine of course, so it was very smooth. Their flavoring is outdtanding, I cant even tell you.
    Results? Well like I said I just got off work, so after I vaped a whole tank, my pain has dulled (pain in my back, feet, legs from stomping around a concrete floor all day and leaning over a prep table making food), and I feel extremely calm. Like usually I’m still in panic mode from work, but the CBD effects has me calm and relaxed. I feel like after a little more, I’ll be ready to get up and do some chores.
    For me, it’s hard to determine when I’ve had enough, since this product does not get you high, you just have to listen to your body. If you still feel pain, vape more. If you’re still panicking or anxious, vape more. I have a feeling they my tolerance is extremely high, so I think I might have to go with the 1,000mg bottle (I wish I could do the 4,000, but I mean $300.00 is a lot).
    Overall happy with my purchase. I highly recommend and will absolutely order again and again! Thank you HempBombs!

  26. Clearlybrunette

    Unfortunately, I didnt get to order from your site because I was in so much pain due to my Autoimmune Hep- so I got it from atlanta Vapes in the Whipped Marshmallow Dream 300 mg. I added it to my existing juice and vape with a pretty big mod. Needless to say, I am feeling more relaxed and pain is subsiding. You have a customer now- this stuff is crazy good! I even tried it by itself in my Smok Rolo and the flavor is to die for. Smooth hit and smooth taste with no after taste like most. I have tried many different kinds of cbd such as Koi, select cbd, cbdfx, and even live green and they dont compare. Kudos guys!

  27. Donald W

    One thing I am very impressed with is shipping. The package said Healthy certified products which I appreciate because I have nosy neighbors. Great stuff great product go Hemp bombs.

  28. Vixmrroad23

    my wife got me this as a birthday gift and it is incredible!!! i have never felt more relieved

  29. John V.

    Great tasting. I bought the sugar cookies and watermelon at 300. It states higher potency but this is not the case. Heady harvest OG Gold prefilled tank at 175 is much stronger then this product. If you want something stronger, this is not it.

  30. kimjay

    WATERLON: Good all day vape, sweet and lite strong flavor at start but if u chain vape then it becomes bland. still i would buy this again and recommend it.
    Vanilla cupcake: not bad
    colombian coffee: way way to strong tastes like i put strong ass coffee beans in my mouth. wouldnt ever order it. if ur ganna order this get the smallest one to be safe.
    sugar cookie krypt: starts out good but has a medicine after taste. i hate it wouldnt recommend it.
    honeydew: one of if not the best, alldayvape, lite sweet and crisp.
    pinapple: one of the best if not the best, all day vape. sweet and delicious.
    chocolate donut: i dont like it even though it tastes just like a chocolate donut maybe too heavy for me
    stawberry milk: its acurate but its got a puke like aftertaste that i dont like.

    i like to mix these with my favorite ejuices makes it taste way better. i also got the watermelon mouth drops and its great. not to strong taste but u feel good after.

  31. kcanda14

    I have been suffering from very intense nerve pain and insomnia for the past 2 months. My E-Liquid arrived today and my pain has substantially decreased and I’m melting into my bed. Thank you!

  32. hunter.howard1284

    First time buying, shipped fast, and is really good quality. The artic spearmint flavor is awesome! Really cool to just smoke all of your pain away… can’t wait to order another flavor.

  33. Kristin S

    I started off with 75mg and now I’m using 300mg!!!! This juice helps with my pain and my appetite!!! So delicious, especially sugar cookie.

  34. Yuri A

    Taste good and vapes so nice. I need to buy a bigger bottle! Awesome customer service + great product + fast shipping = happy customer

    I work in construction and I’m always looking to relieve my pain.

  35. Jordan T

    Great for pain relief. I’llorder again.

    I work in construction and I’m always looking to relieve my pain.

  36. dovahchii

    I’ve been vaping on the chocolate donut for the past couple of days and quite enjoy it! I have anxiety and chronic pain from scheurmann’s kyphosis and hemp bombs helps take the edge off and allows me to actually relax and be productive. The 300mg is not quite enough pain relief for me so I’ll definitely have to try the 1000mg. I’ve also been adding a bit of banana custard eliquid to my tank (about a 90/10 of hemp bomb to nic juice mix) and it’s a delicious chocolate coated banana flavor! I highly recommend it and just this product in general!

  37. Justin A

    I bought some of 300 mg wild blueberry jam. I have noticed I have been sleeping better and less pain highly recommend it for insomnia.

  38. lilblondesmurf

    Sugar Cookie kryptonite is amazing! Just recently started vaping for help with anxiety and pain. Oh my gosh!!! Such relief. I’ve already placed another order? Thank you for a great product!!

  39. Carlos M.

    Just ordered the exotic watermelon kush 300mg can’t wait to try it.

  40. f. grogan

    will order again

  41. Stacey M

    Thanks for the very fast shipping. I recommend it to my friends and more.

  42. Heather Y.

    I wish I could give you guys 20 stars! I workout a lot and afterwards I always feel stiff and super sore. Sometimes my news starts to ache too. I started vaping for fun but came across your company on twitter and decided to give it a go. Well, sweet sausage Tuesday’s I no longer feel sore or stuff! I cannot express how much you guys helped me out. I’m recommending this to everyone including my sweet 98 year old Granny Lucinda Mae!

  43. Deb P

    Awesomeness is this eliquid. I highly recommend sweet mango seduction, it taste like a real mango. ?

  44. Nava H

    got the package last month just before my in laws came to visit. i always get so stressed out because its the in laws you know?
    anyway i ordered vanilla cupcake swirl and it really eased anxiety.
    can’t wait to order this again.

  45. Cisco R

    I’ve been recommending this this every i know. I haven’t tried all flavors just strawberry milk and honeydew. I’l try more soon.

  46. Theresa N.

    Watermelon kush = instant relief.

    I’ll order again real soon. 🙂

  47. Adam L

    This eliquid is a great example of what eliquid is supposed to be. 10/10, will buy again. I recommend spearmint blast.

  48. J.T.

    Great product, great shipping and awesome customer service. Love it.

  49. Declan P

    Outstanding!! The best by far! Just purchased my chocolate glazed donut this afternoon with Kathy, can’t wait to order again.

  50. Riley R

    Works great and received it quickly. Made me feel relaxed and helped me sleep. ✌?

  51. Bob T

    Great, no complaints! My fave flavor is strawberry milk.

  52. Pamela R

    Sweet mango seduction is seriously bae. ??? Obsessed!

  53. Luke L.

    As a first time CBD user, I do enjoy the flavor and the effects of the product. Only thing I’d submit for possible improvement would be the bottle? BE CAREFUL WHEN OPENING. The cap shape indicates there might be some sort of dropper or narrow neck; no such luck. I suffer from spasms, one reason I wanted to try CBD; opening the push-cap the first time I ended up spilling quite a bit of oil since there was no seal to contain the liquid with a wide mouthed bottle. Am I missing something? There wasn’t an included dropper or anything either so transferring a small amount of oil into a vape cartridge was tricky. (I have since purchased a dropper to compensate)

  54. Matt A

    The sugar cookie is awesome. just ordered the watermelon.

  55. Jeff N.

    That new Coffee flavor is killer guys! Like it alot.

  56. jwb1385

    Ordered the Sugar Cookie. All I can taste is a very medicinally tasting CBD isolate which leaves an unpleasant aftertaste on the mouth. Not sure about the other flavors but the CBD comes through very strong. Doubt I will reorder again.

  57. Stacy L

    Your spearmint flavored vape is really nice. Just placed another order for it.

  58. Kelley E.

    I have used other cbd eliquids but I have now decided to only use Hemp bombs liquids. My arthritis can get so bad but its been 2 months since i started and now it does not bother me. My hands don’t swell up and plus my mood has been a whole lot better. I can focus better and no longer struggle to sleep. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night anymore. My only thing is I wish I could find it locally. I live in a very small town and usually order online or drive 2 hours to buy. Regardless I’ll keep purchasing since it works.

  59. snroc62

    On my first order I got the 300mg water melon kush. Absolutely love it! Great taste, no after taste. Great shipping! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  60. snroc62

    On my first order I got the 300mg water melon kush. Absolutely love it! Great taste, no after taste. Great shipping! I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  61. Lisa

    Great taste (watermelon kush). Definitely helps with relaxation.

  62. Claudette

    Hemp Bombs is pretty competitive with the other prices on the market. It’s affordable as far as CBD goes.

  63. Nancy F

    The 60ml is a good value and lasts me a long time!

  64. samantha r

    I really like Hemp Bombs E-Liquids. I’d recommend vaping them at a lower temp for max flavor.

  65. Cris

    Haven’t got it just yet but high hopes for it

  66. erika

    The roast coffee flavor is awesome. I hate e-liquids that are over-flavored. The coffee has the perfect subtle taste.

  67. elementvr6

    This company rocks! From their products to their service. The sugar cookie and the chocolate donut are to die for. I wont buy from anyone else period. Can’t wait to try some other flavors.

  68. Tim C

    I haven’t found any other CBD company with this amount of variety in their e-liquids!

  69. Raymundo G

    Chocolate Glaze is fucking great, really wanna try 1000 mg. Awesome job Hemp Bombs

  70. Torie C

    I ordered the Artic Spearmint the day it came out and the shipping was so fast! I love this stuff but I really want to try/ review the 1000mg one! ?

  71. sarah

    this is the best!!!! i bought some from koi and it was so bad but i always love the hemp bombs !!!!!! wouldnt buy from anyone else!!!!

  72. Ashleigh

    Ordered the sugar cookie kryptonite, tastes great. The shipping was super fast. New CBD user and am loving the 300mg May try for the 1000mg vape next time.

  73. Patricia C

    My new favorite HB vape is the chocolate doughnut. OMG, do the smoke clouds smell AWESOME!!! even people around me that don’t vape notice and talk about it.

  74. Dana Y.

    Hey Hemp Bombs, I’m giving you a FIVE STAR review for the new honeydew melon flavor. This flavor is GREAT. Now I’m curious about those other new flavors. I will be trying them.

  75. Jim E.

    I’m a coffeholic. So naturally I bought the Columbian Coffee flavor cbd juice. I really really like it. It’s mild, not harsh, yet very flavorful, if that makes sense.
    WTG Hemp Bombs. Another winner!

  76. Steve Y

    Long time Hemp Bombs vape user here. I just got my package with 3 of the new vape flavors in two days. That is saying something for this time of year.
    Thanks for shipping them so fast.
    I’ve only had a chance to try out the Blueberry just now before writing this but I’m liking it.
    You guys really do good with your flavoring.

  77. Sue A

    Hey just ordered the Chocolate Donut vape. Can’t wait to try it out in my new custom vaporizer.

  78. Daniel N

    The new coffee flavor kicks @$$. That is all.

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