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Hemp Bombs’ Complete Relaxation CBD Syrup is a powerful concentrate that packs CBD-derived wellness benefits into manageable servings. This product is perfect as a mixer, infusing a CBD blend into any drink to generate a wellspring of complete relaxation.

Product Info
1 bottle of CBD Syrup
• 100 mg of CBD per bottle
Tested by Independent Labs
• Less than 0.3% THC



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Hemp Bombs’ Complete Relaxation 100mg CBD Syrup is a well-balanced blend of CBD and six high-quality botanicals. Formulated for maximum relaxation, our delicious fruit punch flavored CBD Syrup that can be mixed with a beverage or taken on its own. Hemp Bombs’ Complete Relaxation CBD Syrup formula encourages a lasting sense of relaxation and happiness.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 1 oz
Servings Per Container: 4
Premium Broad Spectrum Extract (CBD) Per Serving: 25mg

Other Ingredients: Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Natural and Artificial Fruit Punch Flavor, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Melatonin, FD&C Red No. 40, FD&C Blue No. 1.

What is CBD?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid derived from Hemp or Marijuana plants. Hemp Bombs’ extracts CBD from premium-grade Industrial Hemp. CBD has a growing reputation for its plentiful health and wellness benefits.

As a cannabinoid, CBD positively interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is made up of cannabinoid receptors known as CB1 and CB2 and controls nervous system functions such as mood, sleep cycle, pain, and inflammation response.

Is CBD Relaxation Syrup Legal?

Yes, Hemp Bombs Complete Relaxation 100mg CBD Syrup is federally legal throughout the United States. We extract our CBD from Industrial Hemp. We ensure the contents of our CBD through third-party lab tests. Third-party lab tests also confirm that our CBD Relaxation Syrup contains less than 0.3% THC – the legal limit.

How Much CBD Relaxation Syrup Should I Take?

Hemp Bombs’ Complete Relaxation 100mg CBD Syrup comes in varying concentrations. If you have not previously tried CBD before, we recommend starting with a small serving, like five to ten milligrams. CBD affects everyone differently, so it is best to start small and gradually increase your intake once you see how CBD makes you feel.

Does CBD Relaxation Syrup Get Me High?

No, Hemp Bombs 100mg CBD Syrup will not get you high due to its very low THC contents. At Hemp Bombs, the CBD used in our Relaxation Syrup is sourced from Industrial Hemp and extracted as a Broad Spectrum sample. Rather, our CBD Relaxation Syrup promotes a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Can CBD Relaxation Syrup be Used with a Mixer?

Yes, Hemp Bombs’ Relaxation Syrup can be used on its own or with a mixer of your choice. Our Complete Relaxation Syrup is fruit punch flavored and may mix well with other juices, smoothies or soft drinks.

Why Hemp Bombs?

We pride ourselves at Hemp Bombs as having one of the most trusted CBD brands in the industry. We source our CBD from premium Industrial Hemp that is grown in soil free of any harmful chemicals, pesticides, or heavy metals. From product development to shipping, all of our manufacturing is done in-house. In-house manufacturing gives us complete control over the quality of our CBD products and the final say on what ships out. Along with third-party lab tests conducted to ensure product quality, we are confident that we are supplying you with a premium CBD product that will have a positive impact on your health.

93 reviews for 100mg CBD Syrup

  1. ladybeck411

    I have terrible Insomnia or I should say had terrible Insomnia !! This product is amazing it relaxes me and I fall asleep and stay asleep !! I highly recommend it and I will be a life long customer !! Thank You Hemp Bombs !!!

  2. Joy Barnes

    I will stick to the gummies which I love. This tastes horrible, reminds me of cough syrup.

  3. Austin

    Its a great product it really helped with my anxiety and it dont taste the greatest but it is not that bad!! I definitley recommend this product and Hempbombs in general!! There are not just another company trying to make a buff of cbd and you will know that as soon as you try their products!! I will be buying again!!

  4. LeAnn U

    I had bladder cancer and it was removed, I had a lot of pain and sleepless nights and Thanks to the CBD Hemp Bombs a lot less pain and I sleep like a baby. THANK YOU SO MUCH.LeAnn U.

  5. SUSAN D

    I tried Hemp Oil, different brand. It didn’t come close to the Hemp Bomb syrup. I fall asleep within 15 minutes! But now I can’t find it where I bought it!

  6. kristenlozo11

    The effects are good, if it tasted better I would give it 5 stars. I think people should be warned that this tastes EXACTLY like Robitussin.

  7. Wendy A.

    I am finally getting some good rest. I have stopped taking my melatonin.

  8. Larry T.

    It works!

  9. Barbara H.

    I’m not one that writes reviews but I felt I had to on the cbd syrup. I have been taking it straight, with a spoon, daily. My mood and sleep has improved beyond my expectations and surprisingly, I seem to have more energy and focus. I don’t understand how it works or why my results are like this but I am so over joyed I found your company and this syrup. I think it’s just amazing!

  10. William P.

    I didn’t feel much taking this. I think I might try a stronger one.

  11. Tina N

    I suffer from Degenerative disc disease and deal with pain on a daily basis. I decided to give CBD products a shot and try Hemb bombs syrup and I found that when I take it at night not only am I sleeping better but when I wake up in the morning , I am not waking up with as much pain in my lower back. It has helped me be able to move in the morning. The only down fall is the taste. It has a bitter taste but I deal with it.

  12. Katherine C.

    Service is always excellent, products are always wonderful. The CBD syrup is a God send.

  13. Phillip J.

    As much as I’d like to give the syrup 5 stars, it’s the taste that doesn’t do it. Yes, it works as decribed when taken as directed, but it could taste better, IMO.

  14. Marcia

    I bought mine from a local smoke shop, and it is basically melatonin times 100. It basically makes you very sleepy. I took it on thanksgiving and was sitting around watching the football game with my family on the couch and I went to sleep and didn’t even know I was sleeping that hard. So for the helping the anxiety part it claims, not so sure, it’s just a sleep aid.

  15. Stephanie M

    I mixed this with some Sprite because it’s hard for me to take anything liquid that sort of resembles medicine. The taste and smell are great though, nothing like medicine. Just the texture I have to mix it lol. Anyway, no bad after taste. I took it an hour before bed and slept like a baby and woke up refreshed

  16. Shantel Kirkland

    So i bought this syrup for my husband to see if it helps his anxiety, it helped him sleep that’s for sure. It tastes very much like nyquil ?. We shall see if it helps his anxiety, cuz if it just makes him sleepy then im going with this is nyquil relabled and not cbd syrup.

  17. jerodcastillo

    Just ordered this Syrup. Can’t wait till it gets here. I will post after I try it. I’m looking for anxiety/stress relief. And also relaxation and sleep. Hopefully can use it not only at bedtime. Maybe during day mixed with some sprite!

  18. Trish P

    Shipping was so fast I have to admit . Product was crazy effected never had anything like it before

  19. Ron

    Makes me super relaxed but able to still do my job. Love CBD products.

  20. TJ

    Best CBD I have tried.

  21. Mandy G.

    syrup is awesome totally recommend it.

  22. Jen

    This works. I’ve had 30+ hip surgeries and 2 replacements. Now I’ve been diagnosed with a slippage L4 L5 and SI. I can make it thru my workdays as a fitness trainer. I hate traditional meds, this stuff is a lifesaver.

  23. Hillary O.

    My product got here in record time. Your shipping people are on their game. I thank you.

  24. Emma C

    Took a chance on this stuff and decided to give it a go. My dad is so into this company and wants the whole fam to be onboard or he’ll disown us (I kid!). Anyhow, this stuff really brought down my anxiety. Truth be told, I’m not crazy about the taste but I mix it with iced lemonade and it’s like a tropical lemonade. I’ll most definitely buy again. ☮️

  25. Amanda

    I want to take this for my anxiety. Me and my fiance booth took it at 5:15pm and within like 10 minutes felt very relaxed. We laid down for a nap at about 5:45 and pretty much passed the f*** out. Woke up at 9:30pm and felt groggy and out of it. Maybe its meant to take before bed? Also we drank straight, no mix. I couldnt even finish 1oz, got most of it down and gagged. Definetly mixing it of I take more. Sucks that my anxiety makes me nervous to take it.. ive had for almost 2 weeks and finnaly worked up the nerve, and made my fiance take it with me. We shall see I guess…

  26. Patrick T.

    Well I fell asleep easily so that’s a sign it works the way it should. Just wish it was more mg of CBD in the little bottle.

  27. Scott H

    just got my order can’t wait to try out the 100MG syrup for my ghost leg pain due to an amputation may need to up the MG but will start here there are not a lot of products out that work with out it being an opiate really hoping this give me some relief

  28. Carla I

    This puts me to sleep. Love it so much. I no longer shop at other CBD companies

  29. Josephine N


  30. Ollie P

    Yessss, this stuff put me sleep!Thanks

  31. Mason L

    amazing product that really helps me with anxiety

  32. Leslie N.

    Eased the pain in my back and helped me relax. I ran out and I’ll need to order more.

  33. Justin W

    Just started using this syrup since I found you guys on Facebook. It’s been 3 weeks and already notice a difference in my chronic pain. I even cut back on on taking my medication that I’m prescribed. I’m not a fan of the taste by itself but I mix it with Teavana’s Peach tranquility and it tastes insanely good. I love that this syrup has helped with my pain and my sleeping schedule. Thanks for a healthier alternative!!!

  34. Ryan D.

    I pick up a bottle of the syrup today and it was the first cbd product I have chosen to try.
    Within 15 minutes or so I felt completely relaxed and honestly it felt quite good 🙂

  35. brotub

    hoping this cbd works! got this and 250mg e liquid, ive been vaping and smoking for a while and im hoping this is going to be a good alternative.

  36. M. George

    Lightning fast shipping to my door. THAT is appreciated. Giving Amazon a run for their money. 😉

  37. V. Becker

    Based on all these positive reviews, I made a buy for the 100mg cbd syrup. Hope it works for me.

  38. Helena P

    I like the sleep I get on the cbd syrup. And stay asleep longer.

  39. Rabecca D.

    Best money I’ve spent all week.

  40. whiteashley807

    This mixes very well with either cola or Sprite. It tastes a lot like a medicine on its own, but its bearable. Ultimately the product is high-quality and effective. It’s very relaxing and works quickly.

  41. Marc B.

    I picked this item up by chance looking for tincture and was pleasantly surprised. Simply said, “It works!”

  42. Amelia S

    I’m a nurse who works early mornings so when I come home I have a hard time trying to relax. I take some of this straight from the bottle and it completely relaxes me. It helps clears my mind and takes away the aches in my legs. My only request is for more flavors. I like fruit punch but I’d absolutely love a variety of flavors to choose from and switch up my routine.

  43. Amelia S

    tastes great. i like it

  44. Nelson D

    Very good drank mix with a sprite & you’ll be relaxed asap.

  45. Jared Y

    This is some good stuff!!! Has a great taste & not too thick. I felt relaxed within 15-20 mins. I slept better than my new born.

  46. Vivian B

    So helpful. This syrup helps me relax & thats what I need.

  47. DeOscar S.

    This syrup, man! Man, oh man! My only issue with this syrup is that I didn’torder more! It tastes like fruit punch, if you don’t like fruit punch then you can always mix it with soda like Sprite. I like fruit punch so I just take it alone. I will most definitely be ordering more soon because I love the taste and helps me sleep better. I feel so energized in the morning

  48. Anna R.

    This product does the job. Really relaxes me and makes me feel less anxiety overall. I think I’m gonna try the next higher potency.

  49. Khalid

    Excellent is all I am going to say. But my local distributor no longer carries it.

  50. Richard F.

    I have tried both the 100mg & 300mg and cannot say enough good things about this company and it’s products. I just purchased the 1000mg cbd syrup and cannot wait for it to get here!

  51. Oscar M.

    I have always had trouble sleeping at night. This syrup seems to really help me get to sleep. I am interested in trying the higher dose.

  52. Mandy R.

    We’ve been using your syrup to help both of us sleep and I must say it’s now a daily ritual. Love this stuff.

  53. Paige W.

    Is this syrup better than the cbd oil? I just bought it based on the great reviews and hoping it helps me sleep better.

  54. Claire M

    Magic in a bottle. That’s all I can say. I am off all my meds now.

  55. Preston S

    I really like your CBD syrup! Been using it for a week now and it’s aiding in my sleep.

  56. Charley A

    No doubt I’m sleeping better taking Hemp Bombs syrup. I’m sold.

  57. Jeb S.

    Helped me sleep and relaxed me. I like it.

  58. Tim B

    This was the 1st HB product I ever purchased. I like what it does to my mood. Cuts my anxiety feelings right down.

  59. Stephanie W

    Love, love, love this shit. I am addicted!

  60. Bob D

    Wish there was a different flavor. It works, but getting tired of the flavor.

  61. Peter R.

    I’m new to CBD and I was a bit hesitant about trying this stuff but I liked the price and decided to give a shot. I’m not a fan of pills but this is something I now use often and recommend. It relieves my aches and I sleep better. wish I used it sooner.

  62. Glenn A

    i used to have trouble gettng to sleep and i was up half the night. then i slept all day long. it sucked. now i can go to sleep at night and be like a normal person!

  63. Ian U

    Just purchased my 3rd bottle. Love this product!

  64. Natalie M

    Mix this with pinapple juice for a nice evening! Turn on netflix and chill out 🙂

  65. Ingrid M.

    The reviews for this stuff had me worried about the taste…. But I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I mixed it with koolaid and a piece of candy and it tasted great and had me feeling even better.

  66. Frederik P.

    Impressed with this syrup. Glad I found your site. It’s helping me sleep better.

  67. Kory U

    This stuff taste terrible. Bottle says to mix with your drink but i wouoldn’t do that again. I enjoy the mellow buzz it gave me after taking it like a shot. I suggest a new flavor!

  68. David G

    Just got this in the mail and read your blog about different things to try it in, other than soda. I have hemp and chia seed in my pantry. Thanks for the idea!

  69. Wilma K

    I wasn’t sure about this stuff based on the mixed reviews of the taste, but figured i’d give it a shot. I have to agree the taste isn’t wonderful but the effect is amazing. Glad i ordered it. will there be new flavors anytime soon??

  70. Stefan V

    Your CBD fruit punch syrup works like a charm! Kudos and thank you.

  71. Wendy K

    So I was always using over the counter pain meds for my horrible back spasms and needed to find something else.
    The side effects of the pain meds were making my life a living hell.
    A friend told me about your Hemp Bombs cbd syrup so I tried it and wow, it really works!
    It really tones down the pain without the side effects. I will keep on using it and spreading the word about it.
    Feel free to use my review anywhere you like.

  72. judith s

    it does reileve my body aches and aids in sleep but the taste of it could be better.

  73. Vanessa

    Your syrup is truly remarkable. I take it at bedtime and I’m literally a sleep within 1/2 an hour. Knocked out.

  74. Bethany K

    It arrived faster than I expected and worked as advertised.

  75. Lucy V

    I found the CBD syrup to be very relaxing, destressing and good tasting.

  76. Davo R

    I am a Vietnam veteran with PTSD (night terrors) . FINALLY..I’m getting the sleep I need with out any recall of my dreams or even being aware that I am dreaming. I take 1 teaspoon before I lay down to sleep and am not even aware of falling asleep. The first few nights I was a little groggy in the AM but after 3 days no problem. So glad to be off dangerous meds for my condition.

  77. Shane D

    I found it mixes well with most liquids and tastes pleasant.

  78. Mackenzie

    I liked it. Helped me sleep better.

  79. Ronnie T.

    Although it works as described, I didn’t care for the taste.

  80. Misty L

    Giving you five stars because after trying just one gummie I slept better then I ever have before.

  81. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 8t3c2

  82. Valerie T.

    No more sleeping problems! This syrup is like a wonder drug for me and my wife. It’s a subtle but powerful knock out punch at bed time. If you’re having problems getting to sleep, try the cbd syrup. We love it.

  83. Mike


  84. Kent

    I have tried many other brands, but yours is the best.

  85. Timothy B.

    Great product and excellent customer service. Totally satisfied.

  86. Stephen B.

    Hemp Bombs, giving you 5 stars. I fall asleep quicker with your syrup. To others reading the reviews, let me tell you, if you have issues getting to sleep due to anxiety or stress you need to try this.

  87. Shannon

    As far as CBD syrup goes, and I’ve tried a bunch of different brands, the Hemp Bomb syrup rules. It’s better than I expected and I feel great while taking it.

  88. Felicia

    It works but the taste doesn’t agree with me.

  89. Lisa H.

    I was so happy to find your syrup. It definitely helps me sleep better.

  90. Jack

    Works great!

  91. Hugh S.

    This stuff works like magic. Really relaxing. Great overall effect and feeling.

  92. Henry

    I was able to get off my sleeping pills since taking your syrup. Works quicker as well. Done with pills. Thanks a lot.

  93. John D.

    Your company makes excellent quality CBD products. I’ve tried several and was happy with them all. Not all companies publish their lab reports. And probably for good reason. lol

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