What Makes Hemp Bombs E-Liquids Different?

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With our wide range of e-liquids, it’s fitting to talk about what makes Hemp Bombs the best CBD Vape Oil as compared products to other vape lines. In this article, we’ll discuss just what it is that makes our products different from the rest.

Some CBD companies, especially those based in states like where marijuana is legal, manufacture CBD products that contain CBD as well as THC. The only hitch with these products is that they are only legal within states that have legalized THC. At this time, THC is still considered federally illegal and illegal in most states.

All Hemp Bombs products have been lab tested numerous times and contain less than 0.3% THC.

While all Hemp Bombs products are held in high regard, our E Liquids have been extensively tested by trusted reviewers and websites.

Like our other products, Hemp Bombs E-Liquids come in a number of different concentrations. Like we’ve mentioned in our other article about our high concentration products, there are a number of reasons why higher concentrations benefits consumers.

On one hand, the greater the mg count the better the value for the customer. You can see that demonstrated by our table here:

Traditional Strength ($ / 100mg) High Potency ($ / 100mg)

600mg CBD Gummies – $11.11 1500mg CBD Gummies – $9.33
600mg CBD Capsules – $11.11 1500mg CBD Capsules – $9.33
300mg CBD Oil – $16.67 4000mg CBD Oil – $7.50
200mg CBD E-Liquid – $19.99 2000mg CBD E-Liquid – $8.50

Our higher potency e-liquids also allow for users to find best serving sizes. Before we expanded our e-liquids line, consumers were a little limited in that they could choose from 50mg and 200mg bottles. Now, there is a wider range of concentrations and consumers can choose the potency that works for their bodies and needs.

In her YouTube video, popular personality Wendy Vapes reviews our product line including our e-liquids. Her channel primarily reviews vape products and she is a trusted voice within the vaping community.

In the image below, top Vape review site Vaporvanity.com gave our e-liquids a very positive 8.9/10 rating. They grade our products based on performance, packaging, pricing, and flavors. Confirming our products as one of the best CBD Vape Oils on the market.

Vapor Vanity CBD review

On our end, we definitely appreciate the vote of confidence from one of the top review sites within the vaping community.

While there are other website and YouTube reviews, we wanted to highlight these two examples.

Hemp Bombs has established itself as a leader within the CBD industry already and is now emerging as a leader in the vaping world too. Our product goes toe-to-toe with the biggest e-liquid brands and our reviews show it. See what the buzz is about by ordering one of the best CBD Vape Oils today.