Intro to Vaping

Intro to Vaping

Vaping has evolved from a smoking alternative to an independent major industry. Now a saturated market, consumers get flooded with all kinds of information - information they may not be able to sort through properly. This article is targeted at the less experienced vaper as an educational resource in the haze of marketing campaigns. In this article, we’ll give you an intro to vaping, especially when it comes to using CBD.

What Is Vaping?

The hardware used in vaping are called “pens” or “mods.” Both of these devices use convection or conduction to heat contents to what is called a “vaporization point,” a point cooler than combustion but hot enough to turn liquid into an airborne vapor.

Vape Pens: Vape pens, or e-cigs, are the original vaporizers. They have batteries and refillable cartridges. Many of these devices don’t need a button to heat up; a user inhales and the device activates to begins vaporizing.

Box Mods: Box Mods are the bulkier cousin of your more traditional vape pens. They are more powerful, have a longer battery life and can be customized to fit a user’s preferences. The user has freedom to customize their mod by changing voltage, wattage, and temperature. This comes in handy with different VG/PG balances as they have different “vaporization” points. A mod is more flexible than a pen is, and you’ll be better able to find your “sweet spots” in CBD E-Juice because of this extra flexibility.

Once vaporized, a user inhales the vapor, which is free of the toxins, carcinogens, and other chemicals that are found in traditional cigarettes. Like smoking, vaping is a quick entryway into your bloodstream, and a faster way to introduce compounds like THC and CBD into your body.

What's in a vaporizer?

While there may be visual differences in hardware, the mechanics of vaporizers are very similar. The internal components usually involve a tank, atomizer, sensor, and battery. 

What's in a Vape Pen

  • The Tank: The oil holder is usually referred to as a tank if refillable, or a cartridge for single use. Tanks and atomizers combine to form single units. Tanks are commonly made from materials like polycarbonate plastic, stainless steel, or glass.                                
  • The Atomizer: The atomizer is the heating device within the vaporizer that converts liquid into airborne droplets - vapor.
  • Software/Sensors: Some vaporizers active become active when a user inhales. Other vaporizers require the press of a button to being the vaporizer process. Sensors within the vaporizer monitor this activity.
  • The Battery: Vaporizers require a lot of energy to raise temperature to the vaporization point, up to hundreds of degrees. To achieve this, your vaporizer is equipped with energy dense lithium ion batteries.

Whether you have a box mod or vape pen, you’ll find these same components in your device.

Inhale IQ

While we have given a basic intro to vaping in this post, we have a number of other articles on our consumer blog to help increase your knowledge of the vape industry. Learn more about choosing a vape liquid in our beginner's guide.