How to Give CBD Oil to Your Dog and Determine The Best Dose


Hemp Bombs’ CBD products have a positive reputation for helping humans relax and feel better, and now, our high-quality CBD oil is available for dogs. Our CBD Oil for Dogs is designed specifically with your pup’s health in mind, and it offers many benefits. CBD oil can help with:

  • General anxiety and separation anxiety in dogs
  • Hyperactivity in dogs
  • Pain
  • Digestion
  • General behavioral wellness
  • Overall physical health


Most dogs absolutely love the delicious chicken and beef flavors of our CBD Oil for Dogs, but we understand that some pups can be picky eaters. It’s a good idea to try these different tips and continue with whichever method seems most comfortable for your dog. Here are four methods of administering CBD oil to dogs:

Direct oral application helps ensure your dog is consuming his or her full daily dose of CBD. Simply slide the dropper between the cheek and gums and dispense the oil directly into the back of the mouth. This works best for dogs who need a half or full dropper of oil, as you will not need to count the drops.
It’s a rare occasion when a dog turns down a treat, making your pup’s favorite tasty snack the perfect vehicle for CBD oil. Squeeze the oil from the dropper directly onto the treat. If it’s a dry texture, let the oil absorb for a few seconds. Chances are, your dog will devour the treat without even realizing you added CBD oil. (Bonus tip – you can also mix it into a glob of yummy peanut butter!)
If your dog is truly a picky eater, you may want to consider mixing CBD oil into the food bowl. All you need to do is add the CBD drops into your dog’s normal meal and stir before serving. You may find this especially effective with wet food. For dry food, just add drops directly to the kibbles.

You can also mix CBD oil directly into your dog’s water dish. Keep in mind this may not be ideal for dogs who share a water bowl, as it may be difficult to monitor their intake. Also, if your pet dislikes the taste at first we have found that some will get used to it over time.


Another important factor in giving CBD oil to your dog is providing the right dose. It’s likely you have read about the healing benefits of CBD oil for dogs, and now you may ask, “How much CBD oil should I give my dog?”

There are several questions you first need to answer to determine this:

How much does my dog weigh? As you can imagine, a five-pound dog will need a much smaller dose than a 150-pound dog. Most CBD oil products for pets will have a general “drops per pound” or “milligrams per pound” recommendation on the label. Here are some recommended starting doses, given every six to eight hours, for dogs of various sizes:



Why am I giving CBD to my dog?

Since CBD is helpful with so many issues that affect dogs, there is a wide variety of reasons why an owner would choose to give CBD to their pups. While we recommend starting with a standard dose, you may want to eventually adjust the dose depending on your dog’s needs. If you are using CBD to treat your dog’s mild anxiety or pain, the standard dose is likely enough to have the desired effects. However, if you are giving your dog CBD to treat arthritis, acute injury or severe anxiety including separation anxiety, your dog may benefit from increasing to a higher dose. Our intake guide includes the measurement for standard as well as a stronger amounts.

What potency is my CBD product?

We offer a variety of potency levels for our CBD Oil for Dogs to meet the needs of all types of dogs. Our CBD Oil for Dogs is available in 125mg/bottle, 300 mg/bottle and 1,000mg/bottle.  This means, for example, that five drops of the 125mg/bottle dose will have fewer milligrams of CBD than five drops of the two stronger potencies. It’s a good idea to use a guide provided by your brand to ensure you are giving the right number of drops or dropperfuls to achieve the correct milligram amount.

For small dogs and/or dogs who require a minimum CBD dose, we recommend our 125mg bottle of CBD Oil for Dogs.

For medium dogs and/or dogs with medium-level CBD needs, we recommend our 300mg bottle of CBD Oil for Dogs.

For large and extra large dogs and/or dogs who need a strong dose of CBD, we recommend our 1,000mg bottle of CBD Oil for Dogs.

For best results, CBD Oil for Dogs should be given two to four times daily.

Once you have answered these questions, we recommend reviewing our Hemp Bombs Comprehensive Usage Guide for Pets.

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