How to Flavor CBD Vape Oil

Personalize Your CBD Vape Oil

Hemp Bombs is an industry-leading brand of premium CBD products, including CBD vape oils. Our CBD E-liquids are a popular choice for the potential they have in relieving anxiety and stress, promoting calm and relaxation and more. We love that our pure CBD vape oil can help relax you to a state of calm, and we also want to go a step further by allowing you to personalize your CBD Vape Oil routine completely. Here are different methods of customizing your CBD vape oil with Hemp Bombs.

Potency is an essential factor in personalizing your CBD Vape Oil because it determines the amount of CBD you will consume. Our products range from as little as 75mg/16.5ml all the way up to a powerful 4000mg/120ml. Our products use premium-quality CBD extract, and they are some of the purest and potent on the market. Because CBD can affect everyone differently, we, unfortunately, can’t give you a magic number of how much CBD you should vape to experience the results you want. However, we can offer some basic guidelines of what we recommend:

Low potencies – Choose a lower potency if you are new to vaping CBD or if you want a mild, relaxing effect from your CBD vape oil. Lower potency vape oils are the most affordable. Consider our 75mg/16.5ml or 300mg/60ml E-Liquids.

Medium level potencies – If you are using CBD to help with anxiety relief or if you want to feel a deeper state of relaxation, you may want to elect a moderate serving. Options include our 250mg/16.5ml or 1000mg/60ml E-Liquids.

High and extreme potencies – We recommend our high potency CBD vape oils for those looking for a stronger product, as well as those with lesser CBD needs who want to stock up and save. Try our 2000mg/60ml or 4000mg/120mg E-Liquids.

Create Endless Flavor Combinations

No matter what product you are vaping, it’s essential that it tastes delicious. By choosing a delightful flavor, you are elevating the enjoyment of your vaping routine. We recently expanded our line of flavors to include more than 12 scrumptious options. Whether you like cool and crisp, or sweet and delicious, we have a taste perfect for your liking. Even though our best seller is Exotic Watermelon Kush, we hear positive feedback about the entire Hemp Bombs flavor line. Here is our current, complete list of CBD E-Liquids flavors:

Best Tasting E-Liquid Flavors

Fun tip: Mix our flavors and discover delicious flavor combinations!

CBD Additive for Any E-Liquid

Let’s say you already have a vape routine you love, but you still want to experience the relaxing and therapeutic effects of CBD. Our CBD vape oil additives are the perfect option. Tasteless and smooth, you can seamlessly combine our CBD additive with your existing vape juice to get the best of both worlds. Our additives are available in a variety of sizes and potency levels, so you can choose the amount that is best for your CBD needs.

We love that you enjoy our CBD vape oils, and we are happy to help you customize our CBD E-Liquids products. Interested in exploring your options? Shop our CBD Vape Juice now!

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