How Hemp Bombs Creates Safe Vape Products

Creating Premium Safe Vape Products

Check any news site and you’ll likely see coverage about vaping – companies caught marketing to the underage crowds, the dangers of black-market products, vape-related health complications, and more. We certainly understand the concern. We have — and always will — take the necessary steps to promote public health and safety and provide you with the information you need when considering the use of CBD products.

Below we explain how Hemp Bombs carefully produces our CBD Vape products with your well-being in mind:

Handpicked Ingredients

Many of the health problems with vaping result from additives and harmful toxins in e-cigarettes and certain vape juices. Using low-quality products can be damaging to the lungs and causes a bitter taste during use. All Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oils are crafted by our in-house chemists and product formulators who specialize in creating clean, effective products for your enjoyment.

Rest assured that our products only contain necessary ingredients.

In-House Manufacturing

We can speak confidently about the quality of our CBD E-Liquids because we make them ourselves. Our large manufacturing facility gives us control over the process to maximize consumer safety.

Lab Testing

It’s not enough to just say it, you have to prove it – and we do. Each batch of CBD products undergo third-party lab testing to certify that you are getting a safe, high-quality product. You can easily access our lab test results on product pages, the QR code on the label, or in this designated area of our website.

You can learn more about our lab testing process in this blog.

Age-Appropriate Marketing

Some companies are in hot water for marketing to minors with targeted ads and language. As a company comprised of parents, grandparents and informed citizens, we know the importance of keeping CBD out of the wrong hands. We strive to make it abundantly clear that all our products are intended for those who are 18 or older.

All vape products come in child-proof containers as an added safety measure.

We go above and beyond to bring you premium products that will benefit you and enhance your well-being, not harm you. A pioneer in the industry, we are leading the way when it comes to quality, efficacy and transparency. Read more about the how Hemp Bombs is setting industry standards to keep you happy and safe.