CBD Vape vs. Oil

CBD Oil in a Vape

Vaping, inhaling, ingesting — there’s no “right” way to take CBD, which is why Hemp Bombs offers a variety of products designed with your specific needs in mind. Although the benefits of CBD remain regardless of the form you choose, you may wonder whether our products can be used interchangeably. Are CBD Vape Oil and CBD Oil the same? Can you put regular CBD Oil into a vape device, and can you take CBD E-Liquid sublingually? We’re going to explore the answer to that question, but before we do, let’s learn more about what CBD is, why it’s often effective and how it affects the human body.

What Is CBD?

You may have an idea of what CBD is, but do you know how it works? CBD has been said to help with anxiety relief, sleep issues and much more. While it’s called a “miracle compound,” its effectiveness isn’t anything mysterious — it’s all thanks to how the human body processes CBD.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound extracted from both Hemp and Marijuana plants. Hemp and Marijuana are both members of the Cannabis family and are similar in appearance, but the plants contain different amounts of THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the substance associated with getting “high,” and Marijuana often contains a lot of the compound —while Marijuana can contain up to 35 percent THC, Hemp can only contain up to 0.3 percent THC. Marijuana can produce psychoactive effects, but Hemp — even when smoked in its rawest form — does not produce a “high." Click here to learn more — does CBD Vape get you high?

At Hemp Bombs, we only source CBD from superior-grade Industrial Hemp that’s grown by responsible farmers, and we maintain complete control of the manufacturing process. Our in-house production team ensures that everything we sell meets our rigorous quality control standards, and our consumers can rest assured that they’re getting the best CBD available. Additionally, we only use CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC and is federally legal.

How Does CBD Work?

CBD is advantageous for humans because of something called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS. Much like your body’s nervous, digestive and muscular systems, the ECS is an essential part of healthy functioning. You may be wondering why you haven’t heard about the ECS before — because of hurdles facing cannabis researchers, the ECS wasn’t officially identified until the 1980s, and we’re still learning what it does. But we do know that all mammals have an Endocannabinoid System, and it regulates bodily function, sleep health, inflammation control and more.

The ECS is activated when you take a cannabinoid, or a substance found in Cannabis. Because CBD is a cannabinoid, the ECS is responsible for determining your body’s reaction — which may explain why CBD has been shown to help with better sleep, calm and relaxation and more.

The compound has also been known to increase the amount of anandamide — a fatty neurotransmitter sometimes called the “bliss molecule” — in your brain, which could explain the mental boosts that some people report after taking CBD. Our customers often report life-changing experiences with CBD, and you may also benefit from adding CBD to your daily routine.

What Is CBD Vape Oil?

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oil, also called CBD E-Liquid, is made with premium CBD and has a 75/25 Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol split that allows for maximum cloud production. It is compatible with most vaping devices and comes in a variety of delicious CBD Vape Juice flavors.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil, also called CBD Tincture, is one of our most popular products — it is CBD in its simplest form. CBD Oil contains premium CBD along with Hemp Oil, Grape Seed Oil and MCT Oil, and it comes in both peppermint and watermelon flavors. We recommend taking it under the tongue daily or as needed.

 Can I Vape CBD Tincture?

If you want to vape CBD and experience the benefits through inhalation, you may be tempted to use CBD Oil in a vape device. We don’t recommend trying this for a few reasons.

  1. CBD Oil doesn’t contain any Vegetable Glycerine or Propylene Glycol, and it isn’t intended to be vaped, which means you won’t see much cloud production.
  2. CBD Oil could damage your vape device - it has a different viscosity than CBD E-Liquid and may permanently alter your vape device’s functionality.

If you want to vape CBD, Hemp Bombs recommends purchasing CBD E-Liquid for maximum results — and to ensure that you don’t accidentally mess up your vaping device.

Can I Take CBD Vape Oil Sublingually?

If you’re someone who vapes and you want to take CBD sublingually, it may be tempting to try CBD E-Liquid under the tongue. This isn’t recommended for various reasons, including:

  1. CBD Vape Oil is designed to be inhaled through a vape device and has a different viscosity than CBD Oil. Additionally, it doesn’t contain a dropper, so amounts are harder to measure.
  2. The ingredient list differs from CBD Oil, and CBD Vape Oil doesn’t contain the carrier oils that make CBD Oil an optimal choice for sublingual use.

That’s why we strongly advise that you only use CBD E-Liquid in a compatible vaporizer.

The Hemp Bombs team wants you to feel the benefits of CBD, which is why we recommend following intake directions for all of our products. CBD Vape Oil and CBD Oil are not meant to be used interchangeably, but we do recommend trying various products to discover which is the best fit for you. You may decide to use both CBD Oil and CBD E-Liquid in their intended forms, or perhaps you might prefer one over the other. Whatever your choice, Hemp Bombs is proud to offer the best CBD products on the market. Shop now for CBD E-Liquid and CBD Oil.

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