It’s time to take your tattoo aftercare to the next level. After you get new ink, the work isn’t over yet – you need to make sure your body art heals properly and stays vibrant. That’s where Hemp Bombs steps in. Formulated with natural oils, botanicals and 99 percent pure CBD, Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment has soothing properties that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. If you want to experience the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and a solution that will keep your tattoo in vibrant form, Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment is a great place to start.

Decreased Healing Time

Getting a tattoo involves a few minutes of discomfort, but you’ll have art that’ll last a lifetime. However, if something goes wrong during the tattoo healing process, you may inadvertently harm your tattoo. CBD Tattoo Ointment helps your skin create a protective barrier between a new tattoo and potential irritants, which allows your body to recover at a quicker pace.

Natural Skincare Solution

When you’re waiting for a tattoo to heal or simply keeping your body art healthy, you’ll have several creams and ointments to choose from. Some healing creams contain unnecessary additives that can inflame and aggravate a tattoo, which defeats the purpose in the first place. Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment has all-natural ingredients that have been shown to soothe and calm inflammation and irritation associated with tattoos.

Promotes Soothing Hydration

It’s normal for your skin to flake in the weeks following a tattoo, but dehydrated skin can cause a tattoo to wrap and crack. That’s why CBD Tattoo Cream contains compounds associated with hydration and moisturization – you may not have to worry about your skin becoming too dry if you use our tattoo cream on a regular basis.

Tattoo Healing Process

In the days leading up to a tattoo, you may start to feel nervous and second-guess yourself. A tattoo is a lifelong decision, so make sure you know what you want before you commit! If you’re feeling nervous thinking about the tattoo needle, consider taking CBD Oil sublingually to help ease the anxiety you may feel.

The Day Of

Congrats – you did it! Your new ink may be wrapped up under a bandage or plastic wrap, and it may still sting a little. Don’t worry – this is completely normal. Just follow the instructions given to you by your tattoo artist to help your ink heal optimally. Use an anti-bacterial soap and warm water to wash off the tattoo and apply Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment after the tattoo air-dries.

The First Week

Once you remove the bandage covering your tattoo and expose it to air, you may be surprised to see it seeping or bleeding. Don’t feel alarmed – this is your body’s way of healing an open wound and fighting off infection, and it helps you avoid any potential complications.

Week Two

As your body starts to heal, your tattoo may begin to scab. Resist the temptation to pick at it, as this could lead to long-term scarring! Instead, let your skin heal while still applying CBD Tattoo Ointment as needed.

Week Three

By this point, your skin is likely flaking and maybe even peeling a bit. This is good news! You’re well on your way to total recovery, and the ink injected into your skin is likely settling well.

Down The Road

Keep your tattoo in prime condition by regularly applying sunscreen and CBD Tattoo Ointment – Having hydrated, healthy skin will help you avoid the issues that typically lead to damaged tattoos, like sun exposure and dehydration. You can keep your tattoo in prime condition with CBD Tattoo Ointment and sunscreen. Apply our tattoo ointment a few times a week, and your healed tattoo will always look as good as it did the day you got it.


Why CBD?

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to tattoo creams, but CBD-infused tattoo ointment offers something that other formulas lack. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties that make it ideal for relieving swelling, redness and pain – all common symptoms you may experience after getting a tattoo.

CBD interacts with your body’s Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, an essential system responsible for mood, memory, appetite, inflammation and more. When you take CBD, the receptors in the ECS respond – and the supplement can reduce inflammation and ease your pain as a result. When you think about “taking” CBD, you may automatically picture under-the-tongue administration – but the skin is our largest organ, and its absorbency means it responds to CBD just like any other organ would.

Federally Legal

Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Cream is federally legal and can be purchased anywhere in the U.S. We derive our CBD from the Industrial Hemp plant, a Cannabis variation that’s been associated with positive health benefits. While Marijuana contains anywhere between 3 and 35 percent Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, Industrial Hemp contains 0.3 percent or less THC. THC is the compound most commonly associated with becoming “high” and experiencing psychoactive effects. Still, Hemp Bombs CBD undergoes a special isolation process and contains zero traces of THC



You may spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a new tattoo – and it’s more than a financial investment. If it unexpectedly fades or blurs, you’ll be left with a permanent design that isn’t visually appealing – which is why choosing Hemp Bombs could end up saving you a significant amount of money in the long run. If you use Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Cream on a regular basis, you may reduce your chances of needing a touchup, coverup piece or laser removal treatments.


Pleasant To Use

Hemp Bombs CBD Tattoo Ointment doesn’t smell medicinal – its pleasant aroma can be credited to the botanicals on our ingredient list. Additionally, it provides relief from itching and stinging relatively quickly, which allows you to feel better and spend less time experiencing discomfort of any kind.