Does CBD Get You High?

Does CBD get you high Hemp Bombs CBD Oil

Trying new things can be nerve-wracking when you aren’t sure what to expect. So, you may be asking yourself “does CBD get you high?” No, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and will not cause a high; although, you may experience enhanced mood and relaxation. As more people learn about the healing benefits of Hemp-derived products, they are taking the leap to try it and are impressed with the results.

Hemp vs. Marijuana

Hemp and Marijuana are sister plants, but they differ in chemical composition and properties. Both plants contain the cannabinoids CBD and THC; however, the concentrations of these compounds vary greatly. Hemp plants contain high levels of CBD and trace amounts of THC – the compound that causes a “high;” while Marijuana plants contain less CBD and up to 35 percent THC. You may be wondering: if THC gets you high, does CBD get you high? No, they are separate cannabinoids with different effects. CBD is non-psychoactive and may even curb some of the effects of THC. Hemp-derived CBD is federally legal because it is not intoxicating and is fundamentally different from THC and Marijuana.

Hemp Bombs CBD

At Hemp Bombs, we strive to provide the highest quality of pure products. All our products are manufactured with premium CBD. We extract our CBD from superior-grade Industrial Hemp grown in the U.S. under environmentally friendly, sustainable conditions. Through our extraction process, we can separate CBD from other cannabinoids present in the Hemp plant, like THC. So, there is no need to question whether our products will get you high.

CBD works with the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, to provide longer lasting pain relief, sleep quality, balanced skin and more. The ECS is a network of cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors responsible for maintaining body balance and regulating processes like cell growth and reproduction and the immune response. When you take Hemp products, its anti-inflammatory properties help ease redness and swelling and reduce pain. Inflammation is a natural response to injury and infection, carried out by immune cells. Overactive immune cells may prolong inflammation and begin to do more harm than good. CBD binds to these overactive immune cells to activate caspase. Caspase influences overactive immune cell death, controlling inflammation and possibly reducing pain. By reducing inflammation, CBD may also help the appearance of red, inflamed skin, thus clearing up your complexion. CBD also promotes overall relaxation in your muscles, making it easier to fall asleep and allowing you to wake up well-rested. CBD is a versatile compound, affecting almost all regulatory systems in the body and providing potential benefits for anyone looking for a wellness boost.

Choosing the Right Product for You

Do you want to try CBD, but aren’t sure which product is right for you? Hemp Bombs offers the most diverse and potent product line in the market to fit your needs. Our CBD Oil, Gummies, Pain Freeze and E-Liquid are great products to start incorporating into your daily routine. Can’t choose just one? Try our CBD Bundles to sample several of our products at a discounted price.


Hemp Bombs CBD Oil - made of CBD isolate, MCT Oil and Grape Seed Oil - is the purest form of our products available for use. Hemp Oil may promote calmness, ease pain and inflammation, and boost mood. Available in varying potencies and two delicious flavors, this product is designed to meet your needs.

CBD Gummies

Hemp Bombs Gummies are tasty and great for your busy schedule. Each gummy comes packed with 15mg of pure CBD isolate to help you achieve wellness. For more severe conditions, try our High Potency Gummies which have 25mg of CBD. If you are looking for a natural sleep aid, our Sleep Gummies may be the product for you; equipped with CBD and 5mg of melatonin to encourage more restful sleep.

CBD Pain Freeze

This topical, cooling solution provides immediate relief for targeted areas of pain and large muscle groups. Hemp Bombs Pain Freeze uses the healing properties of CBD and the soothing sensation of Aloe Vera to ease joints, muscles, and even sunburn. Try Pain Freeze with our other CBD products to experience full body relaxation.

CBD E-Liquid

Personalize your vape experience with Hemp Bombs Vape juice, made of CBD isolate and a 70/30 split of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol for maximum cloud production. Our vape products do not contain nicotine or harmful additives, making them non-addictive and less damaging to your body. We offer our E-Liquid in a range of potencies and more than 12 unique flavors to enhance your vaping experience. If you are new to vaping, we offer pre-filled vape tanks so you can experience the benefits of E-Liquid without the hassle. Already have a favorite vape juice? Hemp Bombs has E-Liquid additive in an array of potencies. Just add to your tank with your vape juice and enjoy the relaxing benefits of CBD.

CBD is being revered as a “miracle compound” because of its widespread health benefits. Integrating Hemp-derived into your daily regimen may result in decreased stress and anxiety, regular appetite and higher immune system function. For those wondering “does CBD get you high,” rest assured that this non-psychoactive compound will not cause intoxication, allowing you to take hemp products and continue with your daily activities in a more relaxed way. Learn more about using CBD during your workday.


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