Higher Potency CBD E-Liquid Additives

Hemp Bombs has the consumer in mind with this line of CBD E-Liquid Additives. While Hemp Bombs has a variety of flavors to satisfy different user taste preferences, E-Liquid Additives complement any E-Liquid. Even if there isn’t a flavor a consumer likes among Hemp Bombs’ current CBD E-Liquids, they can choose any E-Liquid and still receive a full serving CBD benefits.

Hemp Bombs E-Liquid Additives are easily dripped into any vape device and fit seamlessly in any vaper’s E-Liquid rotation. With concentrations from 75mg to 4000mg, the additives serve many different preference levels. This product has options that work as well with the first-time CBD user as well as the veteran, all without forcing vapers to abandon their favorite E-Liquids.

Hemp Bombs CBD Additives are a pure blend of CBD isolate and 70/30 ratio split of VG/PG. Our CBD isolate was sourced from premium Industrial Hemp using only sustainable methods and grown in soil free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our 70/30, VG/PG ratio was designed specifically for the optimal vape experience. Hemp Bombs 70/30 ratio maximizes smoothness, cloud production, and relaxation. Our pure CBD Additives mix perfectly with your favorite e-juice and doesn’t comprise taste, all while providing you the natural benefits of CBD.

Blow insane clouds icon - could graphicHemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives are 70/30 VG/PG split for the ideal cloud production.  With higher levels of VG, our CBD Additives produce a denser plume of vapor resulting in enormous smoke clouds. This VG/PG ratio provides a smooth sensation and will only result in a minor throat hit. Most vapers consider 70/30 the ideal ratio for e-liquids and e-liquid additives.

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Sourced from Industrial Hemp, Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives contain CBD that is purely isolated. CBD isolate means that our CBD is separated from every other compound of Industrial Hemp and refined to produce the purest CBD product. Being a completely isolate product, Hemp Bombs CBD Additives contain no traces of THC. Vaping our certified pure CBD Additives with not cause a “high” or failed drug test.

Perfect to Mix icon - vape product graphicsHemp Bombs gives you the option not to sacrifice your favorite e-juice while still being able to access CBD’s potential benefits such as relief from anxiety, pain, and insomnia. With our premium CBD Additives, you are in control of adding however much CBD you want to your vape. No matter how much you add to your favorite e-liquid, it will not affect the taste.

No Nicotine icon- tobacco X'd out graphicHemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives are a non-Nicotine product. CBD’s natural properties may help nicotine users kick their habit. Research has shown that smokers who start vaping CBD are more likely to cut down their nicotine intact whether it be cigarettes or other nicotine vapes. Vaping CBD is a healthy alternative that also offers the social aspect of puffing clouds and having something to hold.