CBD E-Liquid Additives from Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid Additives gives you full control over your vape experience. While Hemp Bombs has a variety of flavors to satisfy different user taste preferences, E-Liquid Additives complement any E-Liquid. Even if there isn’t a flavor you like among Hemp Bombs’ current vape juices, you can choose any E-Liquid and still receive a full serving of CBD benefits.


CBD Vape Products and e-liquids are no longer permitted to buy or sell online in the state of Massachusetts, Michigan, Rhode Island and Washington.


CBD E-Liquid Additive FAQ

CBD Vape Additives are unflavored E-Liquids that contain a blend of premium CBD, vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Our CBD E-Liquid Additives allow you to acquire the benefits of CBD without compromising your favorite E-Liquid flavor.

To use a CBD Vape Additive, remove the tank from your vape device or mod. Take our E-Liquid and add the desired amount of drops to your vape tank. Once you fill your tank, you can reassemble your vape device and begin to puff away.

Once you have filled your vape tank with our CBD E-Liquid Additive, turn your device on and inhale. You may have to adjust your vape device's settings to achieve your desired vaping experience.

The amount of CBD Vape Additive you should use is based on the potency of CBD you are using, the size of your vape tank and the desired effects you want. We recommend starting with a few drops of our CBD E-Liquid Additive and gradually increasing the amount depending on your preference.

CBD E-Liquid Additive Benefits

Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Juice Additives are a premium blend of Cannabidiol and 70/30 ratio split of VG/PG. Our CBD is sourced from high-quality Industrial Hemp using only sustainable methods and grown in soil free of any harmful chemicals or pesticides. Our 70/30, VG/PG ratio was designed specifically for the optimal vape experience. Hemp Bombs 70/30 ratio maximizes smoothness, cloud production, and relaxation. Our premium Cannabidiol mixes perfectly with your favorite e-juice and doesn’t compromise taste, all while providing you with the many health and wellness benefits of CBD.

Blow insane clouds icon - could graphicHemp Bombs E-Liquid Additives are 70/30 VG/PG split for the ideal cloud production.  With higher levels of VG, our vape juice produces a denser plume of vapor resulting in enormous smoke clouds. This VG/PG ratio provides a smooth sensation and will only result in a minor throat hit.

Perfect to Mix icon - vape product graphicsHemp Bombs gives you the option not to sacrifice your favorite e-juice while still being able to access CBD’s potential benefits such as stress relief, relaxation and more. You are in control of adding however much CBD you want to your vape. No matter how much you add to your favorite e-liquid, it will not affect the taste.

No Nicotine icon- tobacco X'd out graphicHemp Bombs CBD Vape Additives are a non-Nicotine product. CBD’s beneficial properties may even help nicotine users kick their habit. Vaping Cannabidiol is a healthier alternative to nicotine that also offers the social aspect of puffing clouds and having something to hold.