Can You Vape CBD Oil?

Can you vape CBD Oil Hemp Bombs 600mg Tincture with a man with arms crossed in an 'x' with vape in one hand and Hemp Bombs CBD Oil in the other

CBD Oil offers a number of health and wellness benefits with effective results, especially when inhaled directly into the lungs. But can you vape CBD Oil? Not exactly. You can take CBD by vaping, but there is a difference between CBD Oil and CBD Vape Oil. While people use these terms interchangeably, only one of these products is specially designed for your vaping device.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Vape Oil

To understand whether you can you vape CBD Oil, you have to understand CBD Vape vs. Oil. CBD Oil is a combination of CBD, MCT Oil, and Grape Seed Oil taken sublingually, while CBD Vape Oil is a mixture of CBD, Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG) designed for vaping. The CBD  in both products is extracted from superior grade Industrial Hemp  - the resulting high-grade CBD contains less than 0.3 percent THC, the active compound in Marijuana associated with a “high.” Both products provide you with the health benefits associated with CBD, but they are used differently.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

Vaping is an effective and relaxing way to take CBD. Inhaling CBD produces quicker effects, which is perfect for those who experience spurts of stress and anxiety. Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid is made of premium CBD and a 75/25 VG and PG combination allowing maximum cloud production. Our E-Liquid does not contain nicotine or any harmful additives common in other vape juices.

Benefits of Vaping E-Liquid

Vaping is not only a relaxing experience, it is also an extremely efficient way of taking CBD.  CBD enters your bloodstream from your lungs, you can start feeling CBD Vape Oil effects almost immediately.

Along with providing quick results, CBD Vape Oil is also discreet and easy to carry on-the-go. The benefits of CBD are only a cloud away.

  • Anxiety Relief - CBD may be able to help restore balance to your body and provide relief from anxiety and stress. If life has gotten hectic and you're finding it difficult to find calm and relaxation, CBD may be able to provide effective anxiety relief.
  • Kick the Habit – CBD has been found to be an effective smoking cessation tool. A 2013 study found that smokers who were given CBD significantly reduced the number of cigarettes they smoked by about 40 percent, while those given the placebo saw no significant difference. The difference was still noticeable during the follow-up, suggesting that the effects may be long-lasting. Vaping CBD Vape Oil may give you the satisfaction of smoking, while ridding you of a nicotine addiction.

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How Can You Vape CBD Oil?

Even if you have never vaped before, our CBD E-Liquid may be the right product for you. Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oil products are optimized for your enjoyment. We offer a variety of vape products for everyone.

CBD E-Liquid – Hemp Bombs CBD E-Liquid can provide fast-acting benefits for vapers. It promotes overall relaxation to help you wind down after a tiring day. Our CBD Vape Juice is available in a range of potencies and flavors.

When you are wondering “can you vape CBD Oil,” you may be thinking of CBD Oil. You don’t want to use the two interchangeably as CBD Vape Oil may not taste very good, and CBD Oil may break your vape tank. If you are looking for a fun way to add CBD to your lifestyle, Hemp Bombs CBD Vape Oil can help you get there. If you want to join the vaping community, but aren’t sure where to start, read our Intro to Vaping or our Beginner’s Guide to CBD Vaping. Then, click here to buy CBD Vape products today!


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