Best CBD Shot

best CBD shot

The best CBD shot on the market just got better! The all-new Hemp Bombs® Max Chill CBD Shot delivers an incredible 100mg of our premium CBD in a convenient, portable 2.5 oz bottle. Now available in a delicious new flavor, Raspberry Dream, Max Chill is undoubtedly the best CBD shot available today. In fact, we think it’s the King of the Chill.

Infused With the Best CBD

The best CBD shot starts with the best CBD. Hemp Bombs CBD is extracted from Industrial Hemp grown on American farms in soil free of pesticides. All our raw CBD is obtained with a certificate of analysis to verify its quality. And our dedicated in-house formulation lab and team of industry-leading chemists and biotechnologists ensures each product is blended with the highest-quality CBD ingredients to produce a product that far exceeds anything else available. Watch this video to learn more about our vertically integrated, in-house production process at our 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Tampa, Florida.

More CBD When You Need It

What makes Max Chill the best CBD shot in the world is its substantial amount of potent, premium CBD. Each bottle of Max Chill now contains 100mg of this lab-tested, top-of-the-line CBD – a great improvement over the 75mg of CBD offered in the original formulation. Few brands offer CBD shots with as much CBD as Max Chill, and those that do still cannot meet the purity and potency standards found in all Hemp Bombs CBD products.

The Hemp Bombs Max Chill CBD Shot even offers more CBD than other Hemp Bombs products. For example, consider our other CBD Edibles, including CBD Gummies and CBD Capsules. You would have to eat or swallow more than six 15mg Original CBD Gummies or Original CBD Capsules and more than three 30mg High Potency CBD Gummies or High Potency CBD Capsules to consume the same amount of CBD as one Max Chill CBD Shot.

More CBD on the Go

As the best CBD shot, Max Chill doesn’t just offer more CBD, it offers more CBD on the go. Whether you’re at work, running errands or just traveling outside the home, being out of your comfort zone can stress you out. Take relaxation on the go with the Hemp Bombs Max Chill CBD Shot. This small, 2.5 oz bottle easily travels with you to provide a substantial serving of CBD for when you need it most. Don’t worry about measuring out CBD Oil or carrying enough gummies or capsules. Bring just one Max Chill CBD Shot and enjoy an abundance of the stress-relieving, relaxing benefits of CBD wherever and whenever. This is one of the best ways to take CBD.

Mix it Up

Max Chill CBD Shot makes the perfect addition to any drink. Mix the best CBD shot into your favorite beverage to upgrade its taste and still benefit from everything our premium CBD has to offer. Max Chill Shots are intended to provide long-lasting powerful effects, and should remain in your system longer than competing products. No matter what you’re facing that may increase your stress or wear you out, Hemp Bombs Max Chill Shots are intended to provide a long-lasting boost that will help you relax. That’s why we’re known as the King of the Chill! Try the best CBD shot today and explore all our other premium CBD products.