All About Our Free CBD Starter Kit

Distributors all across the United States trust Hemp Bombs to provide premium CBD products in a high-demand industry. If you’re considering partnering with Hemp Bombs as a distributor, we want you to feel completely confident in our products and their ability to sell quickly. That’s why we developed our signature free CBD Starter Kit for new distributors. While our products typically fly off the shelves, our CBD Starter Kit allows you to test your market without any risk or regret. It includes an array of our signature CBD products that total a value of $85. This deal truly has no strings attached. We offer our CBD Starter Kit as a courtesy for your interest and a complementary free trial with our brand. Here’s what’s included in our free CBD Starter Kit:

  • High Visibility Product Display – Featuring Hemp Bombs’ vibrant green and black colors, our eye-catching product display commands attention in virtually any storefront. The display lists some of the many potential benefits of CBD extract while making the products pop.
  • 2x Five-Count CBD Gummies – CBD gummies are a Hemp Bombs best seller. These chewy, fruity snacks are infused with a potent dose of our premium CBD extract, and they are perfect for on-the-go use.
  • 2x Five-Count CapsulesOur fully-digestible capsules are each filled with a strong 15mg dose of pure CBD extract.  The capsule form allows CBD to slowly and gently absorb into body for soothing and long-lasting results.
  • 2x 16.5 ml CBD E-LiquidHemp Bombs CBD E-Liquids are designed to promote maximum relaxation. Available in 12 bold flavors, our vape oils feature the calming properties of CBD in a vape blend specifically formulated for voluminous clouds.
  • 1 CBD SyrupLight and fruity, our CBD Syrup allows for customized intake. It can be taken on its own or mixed into any drink, including water, soda, smoothies and more. As a natural supplement, our CBD Syrup does not leave a medicinal aftertaste.
  • 1 Pain Freeze Designed to help target aches, cramps and inflammation, Hemp Bombs CBD Pain Freeze is a topical solution for fast relief. We blend our signature CBD extract with other botanicals for a cool and soothing experience.
  • Marketing Materials – We provide you with the print materials needed to successfully promote our products, including our Hemp Bombs stickers. Additional marketing materials are also available for our distributors.

Our free CBD starter kit is only an introduction to the many benefits we offer to our distributors. We also offer free shipping and a satisfaction guarantee. At Hemp Bombs, we proudly manufacture all products in-house. This allows us to meet your needs in a timely fashion and maintain a full inventory of our signature products. Our pricing model for distributors is designed to deliver high profit margins.

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, and we’re proud to develop some of the most pure and potent CBD products available. We’re always happy to begin partnerships with new distributors.  If you’re interested in obtaining a free Hemp Bombs CBD Starter Kit, contact our sales team.

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10 thoughts on “All About Our Free CBD Starter Kit

    • Kathy Proffitt Reply

      Hi Eddie,
      Please call our wholesale dept. at 800-589-9098. They can help you get going with what you need.

  1. Joshua McEown Reply

    Hi I’m a twitch streamer and have presently started vaping cbd and using cbd products. I suffer with chronic back pain and have bipolar disorder with high anxiety as you can imagine these both effect my stream so this is a product I would be using live on stream and if it help I will be talking about a great deal and making future purchases of your products.

  2. isabellsalinas77 Reply

    I’m interested in the free starter kit for my business and if it does well I intend to keep a variety of items for my customers. I personally am a user of the freeze gel and it works wonders on my arthritis .. if u can let me know what I need to do to get the starter kit . Thanks
    Isabell Salinas
    5156 davis

  3. Glenn Confer Reply

    My business glsproducts has been establish 1996.I have a store now and my health is not good i’am doing craft shows in pa on week ends now but I ‘am not doing this for ever.i want to stay home and run my store on my property. So the hemp business would do very well.

  4. Michelle Goodson Reply

    I take the gummies as well as the CBD oils under my tounge on the daily!!!! I now have several friends that are now using them due to my referral and seeing the proof on my end for several reasons. Pain, anxiety, sleep aid are main reasons. I have a tattoo shop as well as tanning salon and clothing boutique. I have customers drive hours and even fly from out of state to see ya for our services and they have been asking why we don’t carry this product. So I’d love to be able to surprise them in near future with a display of your product. And many orders to come in near future…

  5. matthew s. Reply

    this will be awesome to have and i can make an order by the end of the week if not to day! thank you so much Matthew.

  6. laura l. Reply


  7. James R. Reply

    I have tried the 5 pack of Gummies and they worked surprisingly well. I have people that play pool at my store and many complain that they have severe back pain after about an hour of play. Myself I have tried the 5 pack of gummies and they work quite well. I would like to be able to sell these products in my store . EIN # and other information available upon request.

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