Additional CBD Products | Lube, beard balm, beard oil

At Hemp Bombs, we continue to have one of the most diverse product lines in the CBD industry. From tattoo care to intimacy enhancement, we’ve got all your CBD needs covered. Our goal is to provide you with premium CBD products that may improve your lifestyle by promoting calm, relaxation and other health and wellness benefits. All of our products meet strict quality standards and are sourced from premium Industrial Hemp. Our extraction process ensures that you get CBD containing less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Bombs has a development team dedicated to creating new, innovative products, and our product line is always evolving. Some of our additional CBD products include:

CBD Tattoo Ointment: Whether you're covered in ink or contemplating your first tattoo, CBD Tattoo Ointment is a must-have. Healing tattoos are sensitive and can be prone to infection if not treated with high-quality products, and old tattoos may fade in color even if they heal well. CBD Tattoo Ointment smells pleasant and soothes peeling skin.

CBD Beard Balm: Beard balm and beard oil are two of our most-awaited products -- and for good reason. If you're trying to grow a beard or simply maintain your luscious locks, our beard products are formulated with natural oils and high-quality CBD.